Brief Guide to Industrial Waste Processing & Shredding

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Wipes Ready® Sewage Grinder

The average U.S. citizen produces more than 4.4 pounds of waste per day. This is relatively small compared to what big industries and mass production companies generate. The EPA reported in the 1990s that manufacturing companies contributed to 265 million tons of waste, a number that continues to rise.

The amount of produced waste doesn’t have to increase. In fact, companies like JWC Environmental continue to find newer and better solutions to help industrial companies reduce their waste output.

In this article, our experts at JWC describe the three major types of waste and highlight the most effective industrial waste processing solutions.

Types of Industrial Waste

Any solid, liquid, or gaseous residual matter stemming from industrial activity qualifies as industrial waste. Although industrial waste can be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous, both classes of waste can cause significant damage to the environment. Below are the common types of industrial waste.

Solid Waste

Industrial solid waste includes different materials like scrap metals, plastic, wood, paper, packaging material, and cardboard. Depending on the nature of these materials, industries can recycle them to help minimize waste and resources. Solid waste can be generated by manufacturing processes like:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer packaged goods

Our industrial waste shredders can handle all types of solid waste produced by general manufacturing, food processing, and more.

Toxic Waste

Toxic waste is usually a byproduct of other materials generated in hospitals, factories, and manufacturing facilities. Any hazardous waste can cause harm to humans, animals, and plants by contaminating waterways like rivers. JWC Environmental’s 4-SHRED-2 waste grinder is particularly useful in reducing hazardous waste.

Chemical Waste

Chemical waste is any waste material that contains harmful chemicals. For chemical waste to be hazardous, it must be toxic, ignitable, corrosive, or reactive according to parameters set by the EPA. JWC carries specialized industrial waste shredders like our 3-HYDRO & 4-HYDRO in-line grinders that are specially designed for chemical plants as well as oil and gas refineries.

Shredder Applications

At JWC Environmental, we provide innovative industrial waste processing solutions to critical challenges. Our products can help you streamline operations, reduce waste, and prevent equipment damage. Some of the industries that can benefit from our industrial waste management products include:

  • Agricultural Waste
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Digestion & Biogas
  • Facility Management
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Fruit & Vegetable Processing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food Waste Management
  • Hemp Oil Extraction
  • Marijuana Plant Waste
  • Meat Processing
  • Oil, Gas, & Energy
  • Pet Food Processing
  • Poultry Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Recycling & Product Destruction
  • Seafood Processing
  • Septage & Grease Receiving

Have Questions? Contact JWC Environmental Today!

JWC Environmental is proud to provide one-of-a-kind waste shredding and product destruction solutions. Having been in the industry for over 45 years, we understand the unique challenges that you face. If you have questions about our industrial waste processing products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Brief Guide to Industrial Plastic Shredders

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JWCE WC 3 & 4 SHRED machines next to each other with text "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

Plastic shredders perform essential tasks; they can reduce the size of waste for recycling purposes, and process plastics for reuse. Any manufacturer plant that has zero-waste goals will want to invest in a plastic shredder machine. However, it’s important to note that not all shredders are created equal—commercial plastic shredders are designed to handle different types of plastics, and different models will feature varying speeds, cutter sizes, torque and specifications.

In this brief guide, we’ll cover the benefits of plastic shredding, as well as how to select the right plastic shredder for your application.

Let’s start by answering a common question that our team at JWC Environmental is often asked.

Can You Use a Wood Chipper to Shred Plastic?

Some people are tempted to put non-wood items like plastic into a wood chipper, but these machines are designed to process wood. While it’s possible to shred plastic using a wood chipper, it’s not advisable. Shards of hard plastic can fly out of the chipper causing injuries. And, plastic can jam the chipper, leading to machine damage or destruction. Ultimately, you should leave this type of task to a specialized plastic shredder machine.

The Benefits of Waste Management

There are many reasons why you should adopt waste management processes. They not only help to collectively create a cleaner and healthier future, but they also help manufacturers save money.

The main benefit of waste management is that it can help your business’s bottom line. You can bring in revenue by selling your recycled materials. And, if you purchase reused materials, you’ll also use less energy during production.

You may also be required to destroy outdated, defective, or discontinued products. If you’re in this situation, and still want to implement waste management practices, you can use a specialized product destruction shredding system. This type of system separates gels and liquids from plastic packaging before you shred or grind them. This protects your brand while protecting the environment.

If you already have waste management guidelines in place, and are just looking for the right type of plastic shredder—we’re here to help.

Selecting the Right Plastic Shredder

The type of plastic shredder you need depends on the type of waste your business produces or receives.

Shredders are designed to handle a wide variety of plastics, but it’s important to choose one that has the right specifications, power and cutter size.

For smaller jobs, like reducing specimen vials at labs or smaller plastic recyclables, a small industrial shredder like JWC Environmental’s 1-SHRED compact shredder can get the job done.

Mid-sized industrial shredders like 3-SHRED and 3-SHRED-2 can handle tougher solids and larger volumes. They can be optimized for your type of plastic waste with varying cutter configurations and materials. They can also be adapted with custom hoppers and stands. They come with options for varied cutting chamber lengths, and 5-10 horsepower (4 to 7.5 kilowatts) motors. JWC also carries a 4-SHRED-2 with strong shafts and many motor, hopper, shaft, and cutter material options.

If you’re handling hard plastics and high volumes of tough plastics, you’ll need the largest and most powerful heavy-duty shredder. Our 7-SHRED-2 has a two-shaft system with hardened steel cutters that delivers high torque at slower speeds. It’s our most powerful shredder, and it can be fully-customized to meet your needs.

Interested in Learning More? Contact JWC Environmental Today!

JWC Environmental can help you determine which shredder can best handle the plastics you need to process. We’re an industry-leading manufacturer of plastic shredders, and we can fully customize any model we carry to meet your unique needs. Whether you need to destroy products and packaging to protect your brand or you’re moving toward a zero-waste operation, we’re committed to helping you accomplish your goals.

Fill out our online form today to learn more about our solutions and to request a quote.

Press Release: JWC Environmental Launches Monster Stack Customizable Cutter Stack

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Monster Stack Banner

Unmatched Cutter Customization

SANTA ANA, Calif. (June 16, 2021) – JWC Environmental (JWC), a world leader in wastewater solids reduction and removal equipment, announced today the launch of its Monster Stack™ customizable cutter stack. Monster Stack allows customers to mix and match the right cutter at the right location for their specific waste stream while optimizing grinder performance and unit longevity. JWC is the first and only company in the industry to offer this unique and much-needed solution.

Monster Stack addresses the specific challenges above and below the waterline – stainless steel for the exposed cutters in an acidic environment above the waterline and alloy steel for the cutters grinding rocks, grit and heavy debris at the bottom of the waste stream. There’s also the option to use Wipes Ready® cutters for those installations affected by disposable wipes.

Monster Stack Features:

  • Customized stack design for individual waste streams
  • The ability to mix and match different cutters in a single stack
  • Individual cutters manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to provide the best grinding and shearing action
  • Optimized grinder performance and longevity

“We’re pleased to offer our clients a customizable solution that allows them to specify a cutter stack that matches their unique waste stream at an economical price point,” said Greg Queen, president of JWC Environmental. “This degree of customization is unmatched in the industry. No other company comes close to offering the number of tooth profiles, thicknesses or materials as JWC.”

The performance advantage with individual cutters isn’t affected by mixing different cutters in a single stack. JWC manufactures individual cutters to very tight tolerances that are not possible with a monolithic design. Since monolithic designs inherently have greater space between the cutters to make sure they will not interfere with each other, a cutter stack with individual cutters like Monster Stack has more effective shearing action as they are designed for closer spacing.

Monster Stack is available on select Muffin Monster®, Channel Monster®, Channel Monster® FLEX and HYRDO units. Additional information can be found in the Knowledge Center.

About JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental, a Sulzer Brand, is a world leader in solids reduction and removal systems for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. Our solutions include our legendary Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® sewage grinders, Auger Monster® all-in-one headworks, Monster Wash Press and Monster Separation Systems®, Monster Industrial shredders, and IPEC industrial screens to solve unique wastewater processing situations. We partner with our customers to help them run efficient and compliant wastewater treatment operations as well as solve challenging size-reduction problems in industrial processes. JWC Environmental is headquartered in Santa Ana, California and has a global network of representatives, distributors and regional service centers to meet local customer needs.

Press Release: JWC Environmental Relaunches Monster Metal® Grinders With Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty

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Monster Metal Logo

SANTA ANA, Calif. (July 21, 2020) – JWC Environmental (JWC), a world leader in wastewater solids reduction and removal equipment, announced today the relaunch of its Monster Metal grinders featuring a trade secret alloy and industry-leading five-year warranty.

Monster Metal grinders feature cutters that last twice as long as typical industry cutters and work in both abrasive and corrosive environments commonly found in wastewater treatment plants. JWC conducted intensive in-house and field testing to validate that the proprietary material and design outperformed other cutters in wear resistance and corrosion.

“We’re excited to bring back Monster Metal to the wastewater treatment market. Previously, operators had to choose between corrosion resistance or abrasion resistance. With Monster Metal, they no longer have to compromise,” said Greg Queen, president of JWC Environmental. “And they can rely on a five-year warranty to increase the longevity of their grinder cutters.”

Monster Metal is available on select Muffin Monster®, Channel Monster® and Channel Monster® FLEX units. A five-year warranty covering the cartridge and wear components is included on Muffin Monster units while a three-year warranty is available for Channel Monster and Channel Monster FLEX units.

About JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental, a Sulzer Brand, is a world leader in solids reduction and removal systems for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. Our solutions include our legendary Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® sewage grinders, Auger Monster® all-in-one headworks, Monster Wash Press and Monster Separation Systems®, Monster Industrial shredders, and IPEC industrial screens to solve unique wastewater processing situations. We partner with our customers to help them run efficient and compliant wastewater treatment operations as well as solve challenging size-reduction problems in industrial processes. JWC Environmental is headquartered in Santa Ana, California and has a global network of representatives, distributors and regional service centers to meet local customer needs. More information on JWC Environmental is available at

Auger Monster FAQ

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Auger Monster FAQ

You Asked, We Answered

The Auger Monster® is one of our more robust and affordable wastewater screens. This Monster has been dubbed our triple threat as it combines three of JWC’s proven technologies – a grinder, a finescreen and a compactor. The Auger Monster helps treatment plants run more efficiently and makes life easier for operators and managers by pre-conditioning, screening, removing, and compacting trash and unwanted solids from the waste stream. The cleaner, more compact discharge keeps odors to a minimum and lowers disposal costs by minimizing the amount of retained moisture and fecal material sent to the landfill. With the Auger Monster, wastewater screening couldn’t get any easier—it’s the only solution that’s all-in-one!

First, a powerful Muffin Monster® or Channel Monster® grinder pre-conditions the wastewater solids by shredding them into a manageable size that increases surface area, thus preparing the solids for cleaning and removal. The solids are then captured by a perforated screening trough and removed by a rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual spray bars clean off fecal material, returning it to the waste stream. Lastly, the auger then conveys the cleaned solids to the discharge point where the integrated compactor section (optional) squeezes out additional water before discharging the cleaned and dried material into a dumpster.


Q: Does the auger “need” to have a grinder in front?

A: Although the Auger Monster can be configured without the grinder, the grinder’s ability to pre-condition the solids greatly improves overall performance by protecting the auger from damage caused by large solids and increasing the surface area of the solids. The increased surface area allows the spray wash to more effectively remove the soft organics (fecal) and return them to the waste stream for downstream processing. The overall result is cleaner, drier, and more compact solids in the dumpster.

Q: What size solids can go through the auger without damaging it?

A: In general, if a solid is small enough to fit between adjacent spiral flights, it will transport up. However, with a grinder installed, larger solids can be processed without worry of damaging the auger or being able to be transported up.

Q: How often do I have to replace the brush?

A: Many factors affect the lifespan of the auger brush, such as grit, wastewater type, as well as the presence or absence of a grinder. However, 18 – 24 months is a typical lifespan that can be expected.

Q: What should I set my auger run cycle at?

A: In general, a forward bias consisting of short forward-cycle durations with even shorter to no-reverse cycle durations works best by allowing for increased spray wash contact time as well as minimizing brush wear. Twenty seconds is a typical forward-cycle duration and a good start. The cycle duration is programmable and can easily be adjusted to best suit the conditions of the site.

Q: What options are there for catching the discharged screenings?

A: JWC provides site-specific solutions for screenings discharge. There are many different configurations available and are typically decided during initial design. Most popular options include a bagging system or a discharge chute to an easily accessible dumpster. Retrofit kits are available to add a bagging system as well.

Q: How long does the auger spiral last?

A: There are many variables that impact service life (materials of construction, run times, preventative maintenance, etc.). On average, an Auger Monster rotor can last ten or more years with proper care and maintenance.

Q: Does JWC offer any type of preventative maintenance agreement?

A: Yes, JWC offers an annual maintenance agreement for all types of its Engineered Systems. Key components are inspected, rotating equipment is lubricated, grinders are inspected, brushes are inspected and controls are optimized for current site conditions. An agreement can be customized to meet your site’s requirements. Reach out and learn more about your specific model and get a specific plan put together for your needs! CLICK HERE.

NOTE: There are many variables that impact the service life of any of our Monsters. Before diagnosing the equipment, we encourage our Monster customers to reach out directly to get the full history of your unit. We are always ready and available to talk through your specific model’s needs.

If you have any questions we haven’t been able to answer here, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your questions in our ASK AN EXPERT section of the website and we’ll add them to the list! Keep checking back here for new questions!

Why Upgrade to Channel Monster® FLEX?

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Channel Monster Flex Upgrade

2 Reasons: Easy Field Replacement & Long Term Savings

Gone are the days when you have to send the entire unit out for repair or hit the budget with a full-priced replacement! The modularity of the latest Channel Monster, the Channel Monster FLEX, allows for easy repair or replacement of worn components & at a fraction of the cost. Our newest sewage channel grinder design was created with the future in mind. When you opt to upgrade your existing Channel Monster, not only are you bringing your system up to date but you’re setting yourself up for less hassle in the future.

Let’s walk through the benefits of each component and find where the cost savings lie.

The FLEX is composed of the three major modules depicted in the illustration below:

Solids Diverter

As much as we try, we cannot control what is in the waste stream. Occasional large, tough, irregular debris is unavoidable which may damage the drum. In the event that disaster strikes and you need to replace the drum; all that is required is to pull out the Channel Monster FLEX, remove and replace the drum, then drop it back into the channel. That’s it! No need to send back the entire unit, just call and order your required component. Beyond that, shipping costs and turnaround time are reduced by almost 50%!

FLEX Grinder

Wear on any sewage grinder cutter is inevitable over time but the ease of repair, reduced downtime and cost effectiveness of any piece of machinery is the true differentiator.  As with many of our other Monster grinder models, the FLEX grinder is eligible for the Monster Renew Program! A Monster Renew for your FLEX grinder will cost significantly less than a renew for an older Channel Monster. The modular design again assists in reducing your cost of ownership. As for the in-field replacement, you simply call and order your FLEX Renew. As soon as it arrives, pull out the Channel Monster FLEX, replace the grinder component and drop back in the waste stream. No need to ship anything back either!

FLEX Frame

The FLEX frame is the key that makes the modularity happen! This frame allows for flexibility in interchanging worn or damaged modules. It’s the glue that holds the FLEX grinder and solids diverter together. BONUS: We don’t anticipate a need for replacement or repair of this item so no worries here!

All of these individual components are what set you up for an easy and hassle-free future! Its modularity not only provides easy in-field repairs but improves your cost of ownership year over year!

Already have an existing Channel Monster? Ask about our Upgrade Program! Take advantage of our upgrade pricing! Contact us for more details! Must be replacing an existing Channel Monster. Our customer service team is on standby ready to help set you up for the future!

Reduce Building Operating Expenses with a Sewage Grinder

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Line item expenses under “Utilities”, like water and sewage, can blindside you and bust your annual budget in one fell swoop. Get ahead of the dooming budget bust by ensuring your building is in alignment with your local wastewater treatment plant.

Multifamily units, apartment complexes, hotels, casinos and the like, have always had to deal with trash, fats, oils, grease, and other strange items being flushed down the toilets. To top that, the booming “flushable wipes” industry is adding yet another layer of complexity to the growing problem. According to a recent study from Smithers Pira, the volume of nonwovens converted into wipes for consumer and industrial applications will rise 6.3% per year from 1.20 million tons in 2018 to 1.63 million tons in 2023. Hoping these items make it out of your building without getting stuck, typical city infrastructure is not designed to handle large amounts of trash, debris, wipes, etc. This is where the expensive clogs rear their ugly.

The tug of war between who’s to blame (or who’s to pay) for the damage done by changes in sewage (such as flushable wipes) is getting more & more intense as problems continue to mount. As a building owner, accurately assess potential problems & opportunities for improvement by getting down to the line item before you get a notice from the city.

Furthermore, the last thing building maintenance workers want to deal with is a clogged sewer, clogged ejector pump, or worse – get caught in the middle of the building owners & their municipalities. It’s not uncommon for municipalities to request a grinder be put in place to precondition the sewage that eventually leads to the local wastewater treatment plant.

Muffin Monster sewage grinders are the industry-leading solution for putting an end to a building’s pump clogging and ragging issues. Designed for easy install and easy maintenance, these sewage grinders are equipped to handle the expected and unexpected of flushed items.  JWC’s grinders shred debris before it reaches pumps. Municipal sewage systems worldwide have been using them for over 45 years to cut through tough solids and keep them pumpable.

Whether you’re purchasing a new multifamily building, apartment complex, hotel or commercial building, or already own, a system set up to prevent those run-ins with your municipality is a must.

Learn more about how sewage grinders have helped curb the mounting cost of downstream equipment repair HERE.

Press Release: JWC Environmental continues sewage grinder leadership with new Channel Monster® FLEX

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Channel Monster® FLEX

Watch the video here.

Santa Ana, Calif. (September 26, 2018) — JWC Environmental (JWC), a world leader in wastewater solids reduction and removal equipment, announced today the release of the latest advancement in high-flow wastewater grinders, the Channel Monster® FLEX. This newest addition to JWC’s comprehensive offering of wastewater sewage grinders is a giant leap forward for the Company’s existing line industry leading Channel Monster grinders. The patent-pending innovations of the Channel Monster® FLEX will be highlighted at WEFTEC 2018, September 29 – October 3 in New Orleans.

The Channel Monster Flex offers the new features that wastewater professionals are asking for. This includes a modular and adaptive architecture, a higher flow capacity, and a lower total cost of ownership. These innovations have been combined with JWC’s other unique and proven technologies such as Wipes Ready® cutters and a perforated solids diverter to become the most efficient and effective high-flow wastewater grinder available today.

The Channel Monster Flex is constructed with separate FLEX grinder module and solids diverter modules brought together with a unique Flex Frame. This modular design allows for the flexibility of servicing the cutting element and perforated solids diverter element separately. The cutting element of any sewage grinder is the portion that will typically need overhaul in time. With the FLEX grinder being a separate module in the Channel Monster Flex a customer can receive a pre-assembled cutter module when required and easily replace it in the field. This eliminates the need for shipping a full unit back to the factory for repair or being required to perform extensive and complex repairs in the on-site when a box of parts arrives.

The capabilities of the Channel Monster Flex can also be expanded with changes in the surrounding community it serves. If peak flows increase or decrease at a given lift station a Channel Monster Flex customer can now upgrade the unit in the field to handle changes in flow by ordering a larger or smaller solids diverter module.

The Channel Monster Flex has been optimized to maximize flow capacity while minimizing any solids and wipes bypass. This means up to 20 percent more flow capacity in the same channel width when compared to earlier Channel Monster products. The Channel Monster FLEX achieves these high flows while still utilizing a perforated solids diverter, instead of horizontal screening bars. The perforated construction solids diverter plus the ability maintaining an extremely tight drum to cutter interface minimizes the opportunity for material bypass and insures all debris include wipes are rags are shredded.

The Channel Monster Flex is also available with an optional 10 horsepower (7.5kw) drive motor giving it the highest cutting force of any high-flow sewage grinder on the market today. With flow capabilities from 3.0 to 42 mgd and numerous combinations of grinder heights and diameters of the solids diverter plus customized installation frames make the Channel Monster Flex extremely versatile for both in-channel installations or wall mounting within wet wells.

Along with a first look at the Channel Monster FLEX at WEFTEC, JWC will also have a live 40K grinder demonstration and a Monster Drum Thickener on display at their booth (#4429).

Watch the video here.

About JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental, a Sulzer Brand, is a world leader in solids reduction and removal system for municipal, industrial and commercial application’s. Our solutions include our legendary Muffin Monster grinders, Monster Industrial shredders, Monster Separation headworks screening systems and IPEC industrial wastewater screens systems. We partner with our customers to help them run efficient and compliant wastewater treatment operations as well as solve challenging size reduction problems in industrial processes.

JWC Environmental is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, and has a global network of representatives, distributors and regional service centers to provide customer support.  For more information, visit us at

Monster Wash Press – The Latest Generation of Washer Compactors

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JWCE Service Product

JWC  Environmental’s latest generation of washer compactors, the Monster Wash Press,  has arrived and is ready to grind, wash and compact your toughest screenings. It features a new Muffin Monster® with the power of a 40K in a 30K package!

The grinder effectively shreds rags, plastics and trash to promote removal of soft organics and fecal matter from the screened debris during washing.  The newly added paddle rotor agitates shredded material to improve diffusion of spray wash water throughout the shredded screenings for even better rinsing of the soft organics out the screened solids.

The new Monster Wash Press has now reset the standard for the best washer-compactor technology in the wastewater industry.

Maintenance Features:

  • Segmented auger rotor brush for easy brush replacement
  • Removable top cover and drive end plate minimizes clearance space needed to remove rotor and screen
  • Field replaceable screen
  • Multiple inspection ports for easy examination of equipment and operation

Get Cleaner Discharge:

  • Up to 50% dry solids content
  • Up to 95% reduction in weight/volume
  • Breaks up clumps so spray wash removes more fecal matter
  • Ground material will compact tighter
  • Protects auger from ragging and jamming
  • Paddle rotor in active wash zone enhances cleaning process
  • Paddle Rotor mixes and flips debris
  • Increase the volume of material that is exposed to the spray wash
  • More organics will be washed into the wastewater stream

Want to learn more about the Monster Wash Press? Contact us today!

Product Availability

The Monster Wash Press is currently available only in North America.