Keep Plumbing Maintenance Costs Low and Recreational Areas Clean

Every year thousands of people visit their national, state and local parks along with marinas, monuments and museums looking for fun, reflection or just a break from their busy lives.  What the visitors don’t know is there are likely Monsters nearby keeping plumbing maintenance costs low and sewage pipes free from clogs!  A JWC Fish Grinder can also be used to grind up fish waste keeping parks free from pungent smelling fish waste!

Keep Plumbing Maintenance Costs Low and Recreational Areas Clean

JWC’s Monster grinders are busy around the world keeping the sewage systems running smoothly at parks and recreational areas.  Park operators know that their guest will flush all kinds of debris down the toilets which will clog pumps and pipes.  The Monster grinders easily grind all of the unwanted debris into small particles that pass harmlessly through pumps, keeping plumbing maintenance costs low.

For parks looking to screen and remove debris from their sewage streams the JWC IPEC Screenings Conveyor/Compactor sewage screen fills the need.  This low volume screening device will accept 2” and 3” (50mm and 100mm) pumped flows and screen, wash and compact the solids for disposal.

Use a JWC Fish Grinder to Easily Dispose of Fish Waste

Use a JWC Fish Grinder to Easily Dispose of Fish Waste

JWC’s Monster fish grinders are also at work in many of the fishing locations at lakes, marinas and piers.  The Monster Fish Cleaning Station includes a low speed high torque 3-HYDRO fish grinder that easily shreds down large fish parts as well as anything else dropped in.   This self-contained unit with integral wash down capabilities keeps nuisance odors to a minimum and providing a pleasant park experience for everyone.


  • Stop emergency plumbing repairs and costly clean up of sewer spills
  • Minimize maintenance costs by reducing need for pump clean outs
  • Keeps areas clean and reduces unpleasant smells by washing away fish waste

Typical Applications

  • National, state & local parks
  • Marinas
  • Museums
  • Monuments
  • Concert Halls