Agricultural Waste Recycling

agricultural waste, manure, chickens
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Agricultural waste streams utilize a wide range of production equipment that requires protection from solids that can cause damage or shut down an operation.  JWC Monster shredders are an ideal solution for slicing down agricultural waste to protect equipment from damage, precondition solids for anaerobic digestion and prevent process pump clogs.

JWC Monster shredders can easily slice through fruits, vegetables, seeds, meat, and trash in seconds to reduce agricultural waste into small particles.  JWC shredders are a perfect way to increase surface area and precondition feedstocks for anaerobic digestion or composting.

Animal Manure

agricultural waste, manure, cows
JWC Environmental,Muffin Monster,Monster Industrial,IPEC

For dairies and livestock operations that are processing animal waste, JWC’s inline HYDRO grinders are often used to ensure manure or other slurry feedstocks do not clog pumps or pipelines.

Animal manure is being turned into a valuable and profitable resource on farms around the world. When feeding a digester, bedding recovery system, centrifuge or composting system, it is important to have a uniform feedstock without unwanted solids. Unfortunately, during collection all
kinds of unwanted debris can be mixed in with the manure such as wood, ear tags, bricks, straw, etc. JWC grinders are used to ensure that everything is cut down to size and will not clog or damage downstream pumps and processing equipment. Additionally, grinding of the manure feedstock will increase the surface area of the materials and can improve the efficiency of the system’s digestion or composting systems.

Food and Beverage Processing

Volume Reduction

The transportation costs of agricultural materials can often be driven by the volume of the material that fits in the trailer. For situations where waste needs to be transported, a JWC grinder is often used to reduce the volume of the waste. The lower volume allows for fewer required trips and can decrease both transport and disposal costs.


  • Minimize system downtime by protecting pumps, centrifuges and other downstream equipment from clogs
  • Improve system efficiency for anaerobic digestion or composting with uniform feedstock
  • Decrease transportation and disposal costs by reducing waste volume
  • Low-speed and high-torque design can shred through extremely tough solids

Typical Applications

  • Bad batch or off-spec packaged food destruction
  • Preconditioning organic waste for composting
  • Pump protection in manure processing
  • Crop and seed destruction
  • Zoos and animal shelter wastewater pump protection