Improve Poultry Processing With IPEC Screens & Monster Industrial Grinders

Poultry processing generates a significant amount of waste, including wastewater as well as animal protein processing byproducts. JWC manufactures poultry processing equipment that aids in improving the efficiency of poultry processing in the areas of wastewater treatment, offal handling, recovery of valuable proteins and reducing the volume of the waste.

Poultry Process Infographic

Wastewater and IPEC Screens

As poultry processors stun, bleed, scald, de-feather, eviscerate, wash, chill, prepare, and render their products, wastewater is generated all along the way. Characterized by high loads of solids, oils, and grease, poultry wastewater can be processed for recovering valuable commodities for further rendering into non-edible products.

Poultry processing plants or abattoirs generate a significant amount of wastewater with high levels of organic matter from protein, fat and microorganisms. Treatment of wastewater is a requirement before it is discharged into the municipal sewage system. Primary and secondary screening of large particles with rotary drum screens is one of the first steps in the wastewater treatment process.

Rotary drum screens are an inexpensive way to efficiently remove large particles such as meat and feathers from the wastewater and substantially reduce the BOD levels in the waste stream. The primary screen removes the larger offal debris which can be sent on to rendering. A secondary screen will often follow the primary screen to capture the finer particles. The screened-out offal will have less water, reducing transport and rendering costs.

Rendering Process Screening

Within the rendering process, there are multiple steps where meat, oil and grease are removed from fluid flows. Externally fed drum screens like JWC’s IPEC RSS Externally Fed Drum Screens and Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screens are commonly used for these needs. JWC customizes screen designs specific to the rendering process step to keep screens cleaner, increase solids removal and maximize throughput.

Volume and Size Reduction

Poultry processing can produce waste with numerous tough solids. These solids can clog pumps and create other problems in production. JWC’s SHRED and HYDRO industrial grinders can be used to grind up animal or poultry offal including feathers and bones to protect pumps and other process equipment.


  • Effectively removes process water from offal
  • High capture rates reduce BOD levels in further waste treatment processes
  • Screens specialized for specific applications like feathers, fats or meat
  • Minimize maintenance costs with screens designed to stay cleaner
  • Higher throughputs with a smaller screen maximize benefit of investment
  • Smaller screens minimize loading on air scrubber systems
  • Reduce waste volume to minimize transportation costs
  • Protect downstream equipment from tough solids

Typical Applications

  • Slaughter or Abattoir
  • Rendering
  • Poultry Offal
  • Pet Food
  • Animal Feed
  • Protein Recovery