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Recover the Grease Without the Trash

Turning used restaurant grease into a useful resource is becoming popular at wastewater treatment plants. Grease and other high-strength organics are pumped into sludge digesters to boost biogas production and increase the production of renewable energy. However, it’s difficult dealing with the rocks, rags, silverware and plastics in the grease. JWC’s Heavy Object Trap (model GRS) makes it quick and easy for private FOG collection operators to screen out trash and debris that cause damage to downstream pumps and systems from the valuable fats, oils and grease.

The HOT works with the Honey Monster grease receiving system which includes a 3-HYDRO-IX grinder that homogenizes the liquid grease – breaking clumps into an easy-to-pump slurry. Once unloading is complete, a hot water washdown (supplied by others) flushes debris from the capture bars into the perforated basket. The driver or plant operator can then open the quick-release lid and empty the debris from the basket.

Heavy Object Trap


  • Protect systems from rocks, knives or other debris common in grease
  • Easy clean out of captured trash


  • 4” or 6” (100 or 150mm) piping
  • Basket capacity 1.1 ft3 (0.03 m3) to 2.2 ft3 (0.06 m3)
  • Capture bar spacing adjustable from ½” (12 mm) to 1” (25 mm)
  • 15 psi (1 bar) max operating pressure


  • MonsterTrack™ billing controller
  • Receipt printer
  • Card lock
  • Flow meter
  • Plug valve