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All-In-One Screen for Pump Stations

Sewage pump stations are increasingly being overrun by high levels of solid including disposable wipes and other waste. The answer for debris removal in pump stations is the Vertical Auger Monster® – which combines three of JWC’s finest technologies – the Muffin Monster® grinder, a fine screen and auger compaction technology. This all-in-one pump station screen facilitates debris removal by first capturing solids, conveying waste vertically out of the lift station, and laundering the screenings to remove fecal matter. Finally this pump station screen dewaters the screenings before depositing the clean and dry material into a bin.

Vertical Auger Monster


  • Protect pumps from wipes and other trash by complete debris removal from pump stations
  • Lower odor and lower volume of waste by grinding debris
  • Designed for easy installation with limited civil work required on existing pump stations


  • JWC’s Muffin Monster or Channel Monster Grinders precondition solids for cleaner and drier screening
  • 2, 3 or 6 mm fine screening for high capture efficiency
  • Automated controls for system protection and optimized run sequences

Add a Muffin Monster for Enhanced Debris Removal

When paired with a dual-shafted JWC Muffin Monster grinder, the Vertical Auger Monster will produce cleaner screenings than any competitive pump station screen. The grinder tears into rags and tough solids, breaking them up and allowing a higher level of separation of the organics from the screenings. The cleaner, more compact discharge keeps odors to a minimum and lowers disposal costs, as less water and fecal material are sent to the landfill.

JWC Environmental offers a selection of Vertical Auger Monster products to serve a wide range of applications. The ACV and AGV Vertical Auger Monsters incorporate Muffin Monster or Channel Monster grinding technology and have peak flows up to 4.8 MGD (759 m³/hr). The ALV Vertical Auger Monster is a cost-effective pumps station screen solution with the capability of flows as high as 9.4 MGD (1474 m³/hr).