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Wastewater Bar Screen For Your Toughest Headworks Challenge

The highly efficient Bar Screen Monster® is specifically designed to quickly and efficiently remove large slugs of debris coming down the channel. This heavy duty screen uses a reciprocating rake to clean the mechanical bar screen and pull out debris in headworks and pump stations. The robust design of this wastewater bar screen makes it ideally suited for dealing with large storm flows that can overwhelm a lesser mechanical bar screen.

Mechanical Bar Screen Monster


  • Quick install – shipped fully assembled and ready to operate.
  • Easy maintenance – each bar individually replaceable without welding..
  • Fits into tight locations – lower headroom and smaller footprint than similar screens


  • Completely enclosed above the operating floor level.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Fully submersible, explosion proof brake motor.


  • Bar Spacing from 3/8” (10 mm) and up.
  • Channel Widths from 2.5’ to 6.5’ (0.76 m to 2 m).
  • Channel Depths up to 12’ (3.6 m).
  • Rectangular or Tapered Bars.

Minimize Onsite Installation Costs

The mechanical Bar Screen Monster arrive to the job site fully assembled from the factory. There is no need for additional contractor labor to build up the screen components on-site. Installation is easy with one crane lift to place the screen in the channel.

Low Building – Not Problem

This wastewater Bar Screen Monster is comfortable in tight locations. It is the only automatic bar screen in the industry designed with a submersible explosion proof brake motor. This means the overall screen height above the channel is shorter than comparable wastewater bar screens.

Make it a Monster Screening System

Screening from the wastewater Bar Screen Monster can be processed with JWC’s Screenings Washer Monster® for significant volume reduction, odor control and separation of fecal material from the waste. This Monster Screening System combination provides the best in class screening solution.