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Receiving System Tank Screens Out Solids

The TLT Sewage Receiving systems are designed for taking in municipal sewage or septage and screening out solids prior to passing it on for further treatment. The TLT 100-300 products are designed to receive pumped municipal sewage and the larger TLT 400 and 500 are able to also accept septage waste from haul trucks.

The influent enters the upstream end of the tank where coarse solids are retained on the surface of the cylindrically shaped screening element. The shaftless screw, operating at pre-set water levels, brushes the captured solids from the screen surface and moves them up the transport section to a zone where a plug is formed. Solids are dewatered by compaction against the plug and liquid is discharged through a short slotted-screen section. A cyclical shower of fresh water at the compaction point washes fine, loose solids back into the channel. Final compacted solids with a dryness of 40% or more are discharged into a bin or optional bagging system.


  • Prevent unwanted solids from entering treatment works and damaging systems
  • Lower solids volume and weight of screened materials through compaction and dewatering


  • Sewage is completely enclosed within the stainless steel tank
  • Screening cylinder with wash area to dewater and flush screenings clean
  • Compaction zone to form a solid plug
  • Optional continuous bagging units for encapsulating discharge


  • Solids with a dryness of 40% or more
  • Flow capacity up to 2100 gpm (477 m3/hr)