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Next generation all-in-one headworks screening system with the best Monster features

The ALT is the latest generation member of the Auger Monster® family, the all-in-one screening, washing, dewatering, compacting, and conveying solution. The addition of a Muffin Monster®, Channel Monster®, or Channel Monster® FLEX grinder upstream of the ALT produces the cleanest and most compact discharge which minimizes odors and lowers disposal costs.

The Auger Monster ALT is the perfect solution for treatment plants with limited space in and around their channel, including small-sized municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment sites, and institutions requiring wastewater treatment. The ALT has a perforated screening trough to capture solids in the channel. The captured solids are removed off the screen and up an angled incline by a shaftless spiral auger. The debris is washed to return organic material back to the waste stream. Excess water drains via gravity. An optional press zone is available to further squeeze out water for a dryer, more compact discharge. The clean and dry solids are discharged at the end of the transport tube.

The addition of a dual-shafted grinder improves the washing and compacting of the solids as well as protects the screening basket. The grinder breaks up clumps so more surface area of the waste solids is exposed to the spray wash which results in the removal of more fecal matter. Better washing results in a cleaner, less smelly discharge. Grinding the solids also facilitates better compacting of the material by creating particles of a more uniform size. A more compact discharge reduces the number of necessary trips to the dump to dispose of the waste, lowering the disposal cost. The grinder also provides protection to the screening basket by reducing the size of large, heavy materials that could potentially damage the equipment upon impact. Adding a Muffin Monster, Channel Monster, or Channel Monster FLEX dual-shafted grinder creates a more pleasant working environment and lowers operational costs at the plant.


  • Delivers all-in-one headworks screening solution
  • Achieves optimal screening performance with lower flows and limited budgets
  • Installs easily in existing channel with little or no civil work
  • Provides ready inspection and maintenance accessibility to screening trough and auger
  • Enhances screenings cleaning, improves compaction and reduces disposal costs


  • Integrates fine screening, washing, dewatering, compacting and conveying
  • Perforated fine screen and shaftless spiral auger
  • Pivotable auger stand
  • Automated PLC monitoring and control system
  • Muffin Monster or Channel Monster driven solids grinding
  • Optional cold weather system and/or discharge bagger


  • Flow Rate: Up to 10.1 mgd (1,593 m³/hr) without grinder, up to 8.8 mgd (1,388 m³/hr) with grinder
  • Nominal Spiral Diameter: 200, 300, or 500 mm
  • Screen Perforation Diameter: 2, 3, or 6 mm
  • Inclination: 35°
  • Minimum Channel Width: 12 inches (305 mm)
  • Spiral Brush Configurations: 180° segmented pieces, single full-length piece, bottom section single piece / upper section single piece, or bottom section 180° segmented pieces / upper section single piece
  • Screen Basket and Transport Tube Material: 304L stainless steel standard, 316 stainless steel optional Shaftless Spiral Auger Material: Alloy steel standard, 304L or 316 stainless steel optional


  • Easy-access pivoted auger is mounted on a tilt and swivel point for easy removal and servicing
  • Operators can easily bring the screening trough, auger brush and auger conveyor to deck level for inspection via the pivoting capability
  • Periodically checking and replacing the auger brush keeps your perforated screen clean and helps transport solids more effectively
  • Auger brush is easily accessible through the same pivoting capability
  • With the automatic PLC monitoring and controls, the controller can notify if the auger has failed
  • On that same controller, the auger “fail-safe” mode ensures the system continues running even if electronics are disabled
  • Grinders can be easily replaced through our Monster Renew Program!