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JWC Environmental Acquires FRC Systems International

We are proud to announce that JWC Environmental has acquired FRC Systems International. Since 1979, FRC Systems has been an industry leader in dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for some of the largest…

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Food Composting Machine helps food bank with overflow

Food Bank Turns Food Waste into Compost with help from our Monster Food Composting Machine

3-SHRED Food Composting Machine helping out with the BIG fight The statistics surrounding food waste in the United States can only be described as staggering. More than 30 percent of…

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Rental Grinder System Monster Grinders for Centrifuge Protection

Inline Grinder Rentals

6″ Inline Grinder with Skid is available for tank bottom cleaning and solids control operation. The 3-HYDRO-IX excels in wet applications. It’s a powerful grinder that easily reduces...

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