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Manage Tough Debris and Avoid Operations Disruptions

Oil and gas extraction and processing have some extremely demanding industrial applications. There are various operations within this energy sector that utilize JWC’s Monster Industrial grinders for drilling mud solids control and to shred down tough debris which can disrupt operations and cause expensive repairs. Our grinders are also used to protect pumps in tank cleaning equipment minimizing downtime.

Centrifuge Protection in Drilling Mud Solids Control

Reclaiming of drilling fluids in oil and gas extraction operations includes multiple steps and sensitive processing equipment like centrifuges. JWC’s monster grinders are used to protect pumps and expensive centrifuges by grinding rocks and other debris before they can damage dewatering and separation equipment.

Pump Protection for Tank Cleaning Equipment

Pump Protection for Tank Cleaning Equipment

In refineries and tank farms, crude oil storage tanks build up with sludge that can take away valuable storage capacity. Monster grinders are used by tank bottom clean-out service contractors to assist in processing built-up sludge. The Monster grinders are powerful enough to grind rocks, wood debris and paraffin sludge to ensure pumps do not clog and expensive downstream equipment is not damaged. They are also used in oil sands operations to properly size bitumen for refining.

These packaged skids come with all required controls and are easily transportable on-site.

Offshore Rig – Food Waste Disposal

Offshore Rig – Food Waste Disposal

For offshore drilling mud operations, Monster grinders are used to meet MARPOL environmental regulations for food wasted disposal. JWC grinders will shred crew food waste to the required 25mm size so it can be disposed of at sea per the MARPOL food waste disposal requirements. They are also used to pre-process food waste for biogas production.


  • Protect centrifuges and dewatering systems from clogging or breaking
  • Stop pump clogs by grinding up rocks, wood and other debris
  • Comply with regulatory requirements by shredding food waste for ocean disposal

Typical Applications

  • Tank bottom clean-out
  • Drilling mud dewatering and solids control
  • Bitumen refining
  • Petroleum slurry lines
  • Offshore oil and gas platforms
  • MARPOL-compliant food waste disposal
  • Biogas production