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Channel Monster FLEX Sewage Grinder Designed for High Flow and Easy Serviceability

The patent-pending Channel Monster® FLEX consists of a FLEX grinder and a solids diverter with a perforated screen connected by a FLEX frame. This modular sewage grinder has the best-in-class technology for wastewater solids reduction while providing the flexibility to service separately the FLEX grinder and solids diverter. An Exacta-Lock adjuster allows for fine distance adjustment between the grinder and screen to minimize solids bypass. The Channel Monster FLEX continues the Channel Monster legacy of high-flow capacity while capturing and shredding rags, rocks, wood, and other solids into small pieces to pass through pumps, pipes, and process equipment.


  • Protect pumps and other critical wastewater treatment equipment from costly clogs and damage due to large and tough solids
  • Grinding wastewater solids separates organic from inorganic materials. Organics remain in the treatment process and removed screenings are cleaner.
  • Grinding solids into smaller pieces keeps pipes and pumps clear resulting in shorter pump run cycles and lower electric costs
  • Lower cost of ownership by replacing only worn or damaged grinder or solids diverter


  • Separate FLEX grinder and solids diverter for easy replacement in the field
  • Proven dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinder design to shred the toughest solids
  • High-flow solids diverter with perforated screen captures solids and directs them into grinder without compromising flow
  • FLEX frame with Exacta-Lock adjuster precisely locks distance between grinder and drum to optimize solids capture and shredding
  • An optional 10hp motor on FLEX grinder for the highest cutting force for its grinder size class
  • Optional Wipes Ready® Technology cutters to shred wipes into a size that will not reweave


  • Flows from 3.0 to 40 mgd (479 to 6378 m3/hr)
  • Minimum channel width 21 inches (533 mm) for smallest unit, largest unit requires minimum channel width of 48 inches (1219 mm)

Pump Station and Headworks Solutions

The Channel Monster FLEX can handle the high flows seen at pump stations and headworks, including first flush loading. It will grind up tough solids and rags to protect pumps and fine screens from damage. The Channel Monster FLEX is an excellent alternative to course screening at pump stations and headworks. It eliminates the need to handle large screenings with the associated odors, rodent problems, and disposal challenges.

Designed for Easy Field Replacement

The separate FLEX grinder and solids diverter are designed for easy field replacement. When the cutters are worn, replace the FLEX grinder with a new Monster Renew unit. If the solids diverter perforated screen gets damaged, replace it with a new Monster Renew unit. And if the municipality grows such that the Channel Monster FLEX needs to pass more flow, upgrade the solids diverter to a larger unit for more flow, as long as the channel can fit the larger module.

Product Availability

The Channel Monster FLEX is currently available only in North America.