Grinders and Shredders for Pet Food Processing Size Reduction

Pet food processing plants use industrial shredders as a pre-breaker for raw materials such as frozen blocks, thawed proteins, bone, and fruits and vegetables. Our powerful line of SHRED grinders effortlessly grinds up the toughest materials.

Industrial shredders can also be used to reduce, reuse, or recycle. Reducing waste volume means minimizing transportation haul-away costs. Processing plants can also repurpose waste for sustainable solutions such as composting, digestion, or biogas production, ultimately minimizing carbon footprint.

JWC Monster Industrial customizes its low-speed dual-shafted grinders for your exact needs.

  • A variety of cutting chamber openings and specialized cutter configurations are available to meet your particle size requirements
  • A unique, split cutter stack design option allows for coarse and fine grinding with a single unit
  • Custom-designed hoppers and stands with built-in safety features
  • Monster Industrial designs solutions to meet your environment’s requirements, including washdown duty motors and stainless shredder configurations

What Can We Grind for You?

JWC is pleased to offer complimentary grind test services in our state-of-the-art Grind Test Facility*. Not sure what particle size you need? Want to be certain your frozen blocks will grind the way you need them to? Want to see how much volume reduction you can achieve? Let us show you what our grinders can do for you. Contact us to arrange for a grind test, and one of our specialists will work with you to get you the grind that you need. You will receive a detailed written report and video to assure you that the solution meets your desired outcome. We’ll even ship your grind test sample back to you so you can verify the results in person.

*Some restrictions apply. Contact JWC for details and eligibility requirements.

Industrial Grinders to Reduce Volume and Protect Food and Beverage Processing Equipment


  • No need to settle for off-the-shelf – customizable features designed to fit your specs
  • Reduce waste volume, minimizing transportation costs
  • Grind tough materials for further processing or repurposing
  • Powerful cutting action and repeatable results

Typical Applications

  • Dry and wet dog food
  • Dry and wet cat food
  • Rendering
  • Animal feed