Septage Receiving, Grease Receiving and Grease Recycling Systems for Municipal and Commercial Use

Wastewater treatment facilities are increasingly adding septage receiving and grease receiving programs to the services they provide their communities. It is in the public’s best interest for the municipal wastewater operators to accept septage and FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) from waste haulers as it has not only environmental benefits but can be a new revenue stream for the treatment plant. Additionally, by implementing a comprehensive grease recycling program, wastewater operators can prevent the inevitable issues of FOG being discharged into sewer collection networks.

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One of the primary considerations for treatment plants is how to receive the septage and FOG without disrupting the operation of their traditional sewage treatment operations. They must make allowances for separating the organic waste from the high concentration of other debris commonly found in septage. Finally, management of the unloading process along with associated odors must be considered as well as a plan for the billing of haulers.

JWC’s Honey Monster® septage receiving system addresses all of these concerns. This fully enclosed system uniquely combines grinding of solids, screening out of debris, and washing plus dewatering of the inorganic waste. The Honey Monster® system also incorporates the Monster Trak access card system to capture the loads being dumped by haulers for billing purposes.

Private septage and portable toilet service companies also utilize the Honey Monsters® for their needs. They can unload their pumping trucks at their own facilities, easily separating out the garbage and disposing of the organic waste into their local municipal sewer systems. Private grease haulers utilize the Honey Monster® and Heavy Object Trap (HOT) to process FOG at their facilities which they later sell as a valuable resource.


  • Protects treatment plants from unwanted solids and trash in septage
  • Provides a packaged solution for plants and private operators to unload and process septage
  • Prevents septage odors and vector problems from screened debris

Typical Applications

  • Septage receiving
  • Industrial waste receiving
  • FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) receiving
  • Private grease and septage haulers