Improve Airport Waste Management: Vacuum Toilet Waste and Contraband Destruction

JWC,airports, grinder, waste management, food waste

Airports are dynamic hubs of transportation and commerce that serve their communities as well as visitors from afar. With that activity comes numerous waste streams airport waste management planners must account for, including vacuum toilet waste as well as destroying all those contraband items picked up from people passing through security lines. JWC Environmental can help improve the efficiency of your airport waste management systems!

Aircraft Vacuum Toilet Waste Disposal

JWC, airports, grinder, waste management, food waste

Airport waste management includes the vacuum toilet waste or wastewater from airplane lavatories that must be pumped out after each flight and disposed of. This waste is constantly subject to a broad variety of “non-disposable” items that will ultimately clog downstream sewer lines, pumps and processes. Airports around the world that are looking for a clean and efficient method for airplane blue water disposal utilize JWC’s Airport Receiving Station.

The airport receiving station allows lavatory waste trucks to quickly dump their loads into an inlet pipe that leads to a Muffin Monster grinder. The grinder handles all of the plastics, textiles, wipes and other solids that may be in the vacuum toilet or blue water waste. Ground material is then flushed into the local sewer system without clogging any pipes, pumps or valves.

Contraband Destruction

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Customs inspection activities at airport points of entry can turn up a wide variety of contraband items like fruits, meats and other banned items. Airports utilize JWC’s Monster Grinder Tables to destroy and dispose of these items efficiently and effectively.


  • Fast and efficient aircraft vacuum toilet waste or blue water disposal
  • Meet environmental regulations for septage waste
  • Complete destruction of all debris including contraband

Typical Applications

  • Aircraft lavatory waste: vacuum toilet waste or “blue water” processing
  • Contraband destruction
  • Airport restroom pump protection
  • Airport food waste