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Trusted by Treatment Plant Operators and Collections Managers Since 1973

30K In-line Muffin Monster dual-shafted sewage grinders operate at slow speed using high torque to reduce the toughest solids to small particles. Known in the industry as a sludge-grinding workhorse, this Muffin Monster is a mainstay in biosolids processing systems, protecting treatment equipment from damage, clogging and fouling by troublesome solids.

These 30K In-line Muffin Monster grinders adeptly cut through rags and other debris in waste activated sludge (WAS) and return activated sludge (RAS), while also preconditioning sludge for uniform consistency prior to digestion. In addition, 30K in-line units are commonly installed within pump station dry wells to protect pumps from solids found in the collections system.



  • Protects sludge processing pumps, centrifuges, and heat exchangers from damage and clogs that can require costly repairs
  • Prevents unplanned equipment maintenance at pump stations and headworks with high solids loading
  • Preconditions sludge for improved performance in digesters
  • Easy-to-remove cutter cartridge simplifies maintenance by allowing for unit overhaul without removal from the pipeline


  • Dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinder easily shreds the toughest solids, including rags, rocks, wood, wipes, hair, clothing, plastic and other debris
  • Helical cutter stacks of individual, hardened, alloy steel cutters efficiently grab and shred solids with scissor-like precision
  • Available Wipes Ready® Technology shreds wipes and rags bi-directionally into small pieces preventing materials from reweaving in the waste stream to form long strips
  • Smart controller with load sensing control system optimizes performance and protects against jams


  • Fits pipelines 4 – 12 inches (100 – 300 mm)
  • Handles flow rates from 450 – 2,450 gpm (102 – 556 m3/hr)