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Monster Wash Press – The Latest Generation of Washer Compactors

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JWC  Environmental’s latest generation of washer compactors, the Monster Wash Press,  has arrived and is ready to grind, wash and compact your toughest screenings. It features a new Muffin Monster® with the power of a 40K in a 30K package!

The grinder effectively shreds rags, plastics and trash to promote removal of soft organics and fecal matter from the screened debris during washing.  The newly added paddle rotor agitates shredded material to improve diffusion of spray wash water throughout the shredded screenings for even better rinsing of the soft organics out the screened solids.

The new Monster Wash Press has now reset the standard for the best washer-compactor technology in the wastewater industry.

Maintenance Features:

  • Segmented auger rotor brush for easy brush replacement
  • Removable top cover and drive end plate minimizes clearance space needed to remove rotor and screen
  • Field replaceable screen
  • Multiple inspection ports for easy examination of equipment and operation

Get Cleaner Discharge:

  • Up to 50% dry solids content
  • Up to 95% reduction in weight/volume
  • Breaks up clumps so spray wash removes more fecal matter
  • Ground material will compact tighter
  • Protects auger from ragging and jamming
  • Paddle rotor in active wash zone enhances cleaning process
  • Paddle Rotor mixes and flips debris
  • Increase the volume of material that is exposed to the spray wash
  • More organics will be washed into the wastewater stream

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Product Availability

The Monster Wash Press is currently available only in North America.

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