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Industrial Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Solutions for Large Venues

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Large event venues have the potential to bring in enormous crowds—and with those crowds come serious waste. In addition to dealing with trash, like plastic and glass, generated by crowds, venues must consider sewage waste and the potential for extreme clogs that can cause subsequent damage to downstream equipment.

In many cases, when venues are found to be responsible for severe clogs, they can be fined by their respective cities and be required to pay for any related damages. With that in mind, large event venues must have the right sewage waste management solutions in place.

The Challenges of Sewage Waste at Large Venues

The main challenge large venues face with sewage waste is attendees flushing objects down toilets that aren’t intended to be flushed. Some examples of items that should never be flushed down a toilet include:

  • Wet wipes and baby wipes (even wipes that are advertised as “flushable” can take a long time to break down in sewage systems and may result in significant clogs)
  • Feminine hygiene products, including tampons and pads
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Medications
  • Diapers
  • Cigarettes and tobacco products
  • Excessive amounts of toilet paper
  • Plastic items and wrappers
  • Food

These kinds of items can clog sewer lines and cause expensive damage to downstream equipment, including wastewater pumps, centrifuges, and heat exchanges. While venues can (and often do) provide signage and disposal bins to discourage people from flushing these items, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen.

The Role of Industrial Grinders

Hydro grinder helps healthcare facility

If signage and disposal bins aren’t enough to mitigate sewage issues at large event venues, what can be done?

For many facilities, using industrial waste processing equipment (such as an industrial grinder) can significantly reduce the volume of waste while reducing the impact on local sewage systems. This, in turn, helps them avoid potential fines and repair expenses.

Industrial grinders precondition sludge using high-torque, low-speed cutters to reduce challenging solids like plastics and wipes. There are two primary types of industrial grinders: in-line and open-channel. In-line are installed directly into the pipe the wastewater flow, while open-channel models are installed in an open channel or tank where wastewater flows through by gravity.

JWC Environmental’s Solutions

JWC Environmental offers several heavy-duty wastewater solutions for large venues, including our 4-HYDRO (available as In-line or Open-channel) and the Auger Monster®.


4-HYDRO In-line grinder Industrial

The 4-HYDRO In-line is our most powerful In-line industrial grinder, capable of handling flow rates up to 6,860 GPM. It features a standard 10-HP motor and two rows of customizable cutters that move at a slow speed using high torque. This helps effectively reduce challenging solids to size, protect pumps, centrifuges, and other downstream equipment, and precondition sludges for improved solids recovery and dewatering.

Our In-line model is compact and can fit within most pipeline systems (up to 20 inches in diameter). It can also come with our Wipes Ready® Cutter Technology, which makes quick work of rags, baby wipes, and other fibrous, sinewy, and stringy solids.

4-Hydro Open Channel

The 4-HYDRO Open-channel is also our most powerful Open-channel grinder solution. It uses a standard 10-HP motor and dual-shafted, corrosion-resistant grinders that rotate slowly with high torque to reduce challenging solids. It has a flow rate capacity of up to 2,100 GPM. Like the In-line model, the 4-HYDRO Open-channel features a compact design, making it easy to install in most wastewater channels. It also comes with optional custom guide frames, customizable cutter configurations, and immersible motors, depending on application needs.

Auger Monster® System

Auger Monster and In-channel Auger Screens Industrial

Another exceptional solution for large venues is our Auger Monster®, a robust system that combines a HYDRO grinder, a fine screen, and a compactor into one practical solution.

In the Auger Monster® system, solids are torn apart with the HYDRO grinder, then captured by a perforated fine screening trough and removed by a rotating auger. As the auger removes the solids, the system’s dual wash zone rinses off the shredded screenings, resulting in cleaner and more compact discharge with less waste. From there, the auger screen conveys solids to a discharge point, where an integrated compactor squeezes out excess water before depositing rinsed and dried material into a dumpster or bagger.

The Auger Monster® is also easy to install and maintain and can handle flows up to 1,646 m3/hr, making it a practical choice for many large venues looking to prevent costly clogs and other equipment damage.

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