Sewage Pump Station & Lift Station Solutions

Sewage lift stations, sometimes called sewage pump stations, help move wastewater from lower to higher elevations and are essential for managing wastewater movement in areas where gravity alone cannot move it efficiently, such as in low-lying areas or flat terrains. 

Once sewage enters a wet well and reaches a predetermined height, sensors in the wet well activate the pump. The pumps lift the sewage from the well, push it through a force main, and deposit the sewage to a location where it can continue flowing through a gravity system until it reaches a wastewater plant or directly into a wastewater plant. 

Although sewage pump stations are needed, over time, they can become overwhelmed by rags, plastics, wipes, rocks, and wood commonly found in today’s sewage. When this happens, stations can clog, resulting in alarms, overflows, and even fines, and alternative solutions are needed, like sewage grinders.

Muffin Monster Pump Clog Protection

Muffin Monster Pump Clog Protection

For over 45 years, JWC’s Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® sewage grinders have been the first choice to protect vital sewage pump stations. JWC grinders utilize a low-speed and high-torque design to shred through the toughest debris while also taking care of other troublesome trash like rags and wipes that find their way to the lift station.

For a sewage pump station with dry well pumps, Muffin Monster in-line grinders are commonly installed on the suction side of the pumps. The 30K Muffin Monster grinders are equipped for mounting into 4” to 12” (100mm – 300mm) pipelines to grind down debris before they reach the pumps.

Pump stations designed with submersible pumps choose JWC’s open-channel Muffin Monsters or Channel Monsters as an excellent solution to protect vulnerable stations within collection systems. These open-channel grinders are installed within stainless steel frames that mount to the wet well wall at the inlet pipe to the pump station. The grinders shred debris before it enters the wet well and ensure that everything is small enough to easily flow through pumps without damaging them.

Sewage Lift Station Screening

Some municipal collection systems operators choose to remove debris at the individual lift station instead of pumping it on to the treatment plant. This is achieved with JWC’s Vertical Auger Monster. This all-in-one system preconditions the solids in the pump station with a grinder to release the organic materials and then screens out and removes the inorganic debris. The material removed is dewatered and compacted prior to depositing it into a receptacle at the pump station.

Sewage has changed over the four decades JWC has been supplying Muffin Monster pump protecting grinders to the wastewater industry. JWC has changed its products, too. To combat the increasing problems caused by today’s disposable wipes, JWC has introduced its Wipes Ready® Technology for its Muffin Monsters and Channel Monsters. Designed to deal with today’s sewage, the Wipes Ready Technology shreds through wipes and prevents the formation of rag balls that lead to pump clogs.


  • Protect your lift station from costly sewage pump clogs or pump damage from tough solids
  • Prevent pumping station alarms, emergency repairs, vacuum truck cleanings or even sewage overflows and fines
  • Lower collection systems operating costs and energy usage
  • Improved safety – prevent worker risks from pump de-ragging like confined space entry, hypodermic needles and raw sewage exposure

Typical Applications

  • Municipal pumping stations from small to large
  • Highway rest areas
  • Courthouses and jails
  • Casinos, hotels and resorts
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Shopping plazas
  • Colleges and universities