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Sewage Is No Match for This Little Sludge Monster Grinder

The 10K In-line Muffin Monster® is the perfect fit for many smaller wastewater sludge processing systems. Packed with power, this sludge grinder converts the 2, 3 or 5 hp (1.5, 2.2 or 4 kW) motor into a cutting force ready to keep sewage and sludge flowing through progressive cavity pumps, valves, centrifuges and heat exchangers. Two stacks of hardened steel cutters rotate slowly and with incredibly high torque to break down solids including rags, rocks, sticks and plastics. It will stand up to the tough conditions where other technologies like macerators or a sewage comminutor will fail.

10K In-line Muffin Monster


  • Protection from damaging solids for pumps, pipes, valves and process equipment
  • Prevents clogs from stringy material like wipes, clothing, and other debris
  • Economical sludge grinder solution for smaller biosolids systems
  • Will break down tough solids that clog or damage macerator products or a sewage comminutor


  • Dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque design provides high cutting force in a small package
  • Small footprint allows for installation almost anywhere in any orientation
  • Automated PLC monitoring and controls reduce interrupts and optimize grinder performance
  • Wipes Ready® Technology available to handle rags, wipes, and clothing that clog high-speed macerators


  • Flow Rate is up to 550 GPM (125 m3/hr)
  • Tungsten carbide mechanical seals with a maximum working pressure of 90 PSI (6 bar)
  • Bolts to any pipeline 4”-6” diameter (100-150 mm) with multiple flange options
  • 2 hp (1.5 kW) motor standard, 3 or 5 hp (2.2 or 4 kW) motors available options

Pipeline Sludge Grinder Fits Almost Anywhere

The 10K In-line Muffin Monster sludge grinder easily bolts into pipelines with standard ANSI flange connections. It can also be mounted in any orientation giving designers full flexibility to squeeze in Monster protection. Due to its small size, this little Monster is also an ideal option for protecting sewage pumps in office buildings, apartment complexes, resorts and retail centers where space is limited.

Special Protection From Wipes

The 10K In-line Muffin Monster is also available with JWC’s Wipes Ready® Technology. This includes special 17-tooth serrated cutters that will slice wipes in two directions and keep them from reweaving with hair and grease.