Channel Monster

The Channel Monster Is a Powerful High-Flow Sewer Grinder for Pump Stations and Headworks

The Channel Monster® is the best-in-class technology for wastewater solids reduction. The patented Channel Monster utilizes rotating drums to capture solids in the channel. It is matched with the proven Muffin Monster® dual-shafted sewer grinder technology. This unique design results in a high-flow capacity system that will shred rags, rocks, wood and other trash in to small pieces. This means that debris can pass harmlessly through pump stations, pipes, and process systems – lowering the total cost of system operations.

Protection for Pump Stations

Channel Monsters are a perfect fit for pump stations where solids need to be ground up. They are proven to handle the toughest solids such as disposable wipe balls and first flush loading that can overwhelm even the best pump. These Monster sewer grinders are designed for installations in channels or for wall mounting in front of influent pipes within pump stations.

JWC’s 2.0 Channel Monsters are also available with Wipes Ready® Technologies. These features are specifically designed for shredding wipes and rags. The Wipes Ready technology includes perforated screening drum designed to capture wipes plus cutters to shred rags and disposable wipes. This technology also prevents the wipes from weaving back together and forming long ropes of wipes that will clog pumps.

Headworks Solutions

Channel Monsters can handle the high flows at the headworks including storm flows and still shred debris and rags before they enter the treatment facility. These sewage grinders are also an excellent option to protect fine screens. They are used to grind heavy solids so the debris will not damage screens. These Monster sewer grinders are even an alternative to coarse screens – grinding up solids that can then be easily removed by fine screens.


  • Superior solution for protecting  pump stations and pump equipment from large debris
  • Replace coarse screens in front of fine screens with a Channel Monster for a simpler headworks system


  • Proven low-speed, high-torque dual-shafted grinding which can shred the toughest solids
  • High-flow screening drums to prevent bypass of unshredded solids without compromising flow
  • Automated controller to reduce interrupts and protects the system from damage
  • Wipes Ready® Technology to shred rags down to size
  • Optional motors, cutters, controllers, and mounting frames to match your application need