Inspect & Service Your Screens

The JWC Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to protect you from unexpected downtime and extend the life of your screening and headworks equipment. Whether you have a Monster sewage screen or one of our engineered systems placed at your headworks – a factory service technician will travel to your site and inspect and service your JWC equipment under the JWC Preventative Maintenance Program.

It is no secret that preventative maintenance is a must for harsh-duty equipment. You don’t buy a car and not get it serviced, right? Unfortunately, wastewater operators today face challenges that make routine maintenance tough.  Those challenges include few staff members, less equipment standardization, and aging infrastructure.

That’s where JWC’s Preventative Maintenance Program comes in.

Our factory service technicians will travel to your sites to assess the equipment’s overall performance. They will perform routine maintenance and provide a detailed report with recommendations to improve operations and extend the life of your equipment. It is also an excellent time to train your staff on the equipment in your facilities. JWC Service Solutions is ready to help your facility perform at high speed and maximum efficiency.

Service Detail – Screens

  • Inspect overall performance and operation of the unit
  • Adjust control for optimal performance
  • Check chain for wear and adjust tension
  • Inspect, clean and adjust solenoid valves for proper operation, if necessary
  • Inspect and test motor
    • Amp draw
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
  • Inspect and grease all bearings
  • Inspect tracking system for wear
  • Tighten all loose fasteners
  • Adjust brush or scrapper assembly