Auger Monster FAQ

Auger Monster FAQ

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The Auger Monster® is one of our more robust and affordable wastewater screens. This Monster has been dubbed our triple threat as it combines three of JWC’s proven technologies – a grinder, a finescreen and a compactor. The Auger Monster helps treatment plants run more efficiently and makes life easier for operators and managers by pre-conditioning, screening, removing, and compacting trash and unwanted solids from the waste stream. The cleaner, more compact discharge keeps odors to a minimum and lowers disposal costs by minimizing the amount of retained moisture and fecal material sent to the landfill. With the Auger Monster, wastewater screening couldn’t get any easier—it’s the only solution that’s all-in-one!

First, a powerful Muffin Monster® or Channel Monster® grinder pre-conditions the wastewater solids by shredding them into a manageable size that increases surface area, thus preparing the solids for cleaning and removal. The solids are then captured by a perforated screening trough and removed by a rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual spray bars clean off fecal material, returning it to the waste stream. Lastly, the auger then conveys the cleaned solids to the discharge point where the integrated compactor section (optional) squeezes out additional water before discharging the cleaned and dried material into a dumpster.


Q: Does the auger “need” to have a grinder in front?

A: Although the Auger Monster can be configured without the grinder, the grinder’s ability to pre-condition the solids greatly improves overall performance by protecting the auger from damage caused by large solids and increasing the surface area of the solids. The increased surface area allows the spray wash to more effectively remove the soft organics (fecal) and return them to the waste stream for downstream processing. The overall result is cleaner, drier, and more compact solids in the dumpster.

Q: What size solids can go through the auger without damaging it?

A: In general, if a solid is small enough to fit between adjacent spiral flights, it will transport up. However, with a grinder installed, larger solids can be processed without worry of damaging the auger or being able to be transported up.

Q: How often do I have to replace the brush?

A: Many factors affect the lifespan of the auger brush, such as grit, wastewater type, as well as the presence or absence of a grinder. However, 18 – 24 months is a typical lifespan that can be expected.

Q: What should I set my auger run cycle at?

A: In general, a forward bias consisting of short forward-cycle durations with even shorter to no-reverse cycle durations works best by allowing for increased spray wash contact time as well as minimizing brush wear. Twenty seconds is a typical forward-cycle duration and a good start. The cycle duration is programmable and can easily be adjusted to best suit the conditions of the site.

Q: What options are there for catching the discharged screenings?

A: JWC provides site-specific solutions for screenings discharge. There are many different configurations available and are typically decided during initial design. Most popular options include a bagging system or a discharge chute to an easily accessible dumpster. Retrofit kits are available to add a bagging system as well.

Q: How long does the auger spiral last?

A: There are many variables that impact service life (materials of construction, run times, preventative maintenance, etc.). On average, an Auger Monster rotor can last ten or more years with proper care and maintenance.

Q: Does JWC offer any type of preventative maintenance agreement?

A: Yes, JWC offers an annual maintenance agreement for all types of its Engineered Systems. Key components are inspected, rotating equipment is lubricated, grinders are inspected, brushes are inspected and controls are optimized for current site conditions. An agreement can be customized to meet your site’s requirements. Reach out and learn more about your specific model and get a specific plan put together for your needs! CLICK HERE.

NOTE: There are many variables that impact the service life of any of our Monsters. Before diagnosing the equipment, we encourage our Monster customers to reach out directly to get the full history of your unit. We are always ready and available to talk through your specific model’s needs.

If you have any questions we haven’t been able to answer here, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your questions in our ASK AN EXPERT section of the website and we’ll add them to the list! Keep checking back here for new questions!

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