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New Vertical Auger Monster Screen Fits Inside Pump Stations

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The new Vertical Auger Monster captures flushable wipes & protects pumps.

Wastewater pump stations are facing an influx of sewer clogging rags and debris, so JWC Environmental engineers developed a breakthrough Vertical Auger Monster® screening system to fit inside cramped pump stations and provide complete pump protection.

Once installed, Auger Monster model AGV safely and easily screens, cleans and conveys rags and debris straight up and out of the sewer system. This gives collection system managers an affordable new way to remove rags before they can clog sewage pumps and eliminate the wasted time and expense of de-ragging a pump.

The vertical Auger Monster is attached to the wall of the pump station next to the influent pipeline and captures rags, wipes, plastics and trash before they get inside the wet well. The screen is custom built to fit each site and can screen up to 1 million gallons per day (158 m3/h). It can also be installed as a headworks screen for a small treatment plant or lagoon system.

“The 90° Auger Monster opens up a whole new series of applications,” said Rob Sabol, Director of R&D for JWCE. “It fits into a tight footprint to provide complete pump protection by capturing, cleaning and removing rags and trash.”

Even small trash such as cigarette butts can’t escape the Auger Monster. A high-capture rate screening basket with ¼” (6mm) circular openings stops the debris and the rotating auger lifts it to ground level. The patented compaction zone compresses and dewaters material before dropping it into a plastic bag or bin ready for landfill disposal.

Auger Monster model AGV offers these unique features: a Muffin Monster® grinder to shred material so it is easier to wash, convey and compact; a spray wash system removes soft organics and puts it back in the wastewater flow where it belongs, and the compaction zone reduces the volume of material so fewer trips to the landfill are needed.

“The terrible problem with ‘flushable’ wipes in the sewer system requires creative and affordable solutions,” said Scott Kelly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The new vertical Auger Monster screen is the solution collection systems managers will like –it’s affordable, operates automatically and makes pump stations reliable once again.”

Our new vertical screen joins a complete family of Auger Monster screening systems. While AGV screens at 90°, models ACE, AGE and ALE are installed at 35° or 45° for high flow screening. The Auger Monster is popular in the wastewater industry because it incorporates an entire headworks system into a single package – a rugged Muffin Monster® or Macho Monster grinder, screen, washer, conveyor and compactor. It’s an affordable screening solution for small and medium-sized treatment plants with flow rates up to 10 million gallons per day (1,600 m3/h).

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Auger Monster is also an award-winning technology – winning the Water Environment Federation’s prestigious Innovative Technology Award in 1997.

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