Honey Monster SRS-XE - This Honey Does Even More for Septage Receiving

Honey Monster SRS-XE – This Honey Does Even More for Septage Receiving

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The new Honey Monster SRS-XE includes an exclusive auger tilt and swivel feature to make access and inspections even easier. The system will be launched at WEFTEC this year, booth 1831!

The Honey Monster® SRS-XE is an improvement to JWC Environmental’s award-winning Honey Monster. This automated Septage Receiving System uses a combination of grinding, solids removal, washing and dewatering to remove unwanted trash before septage is allowed to enter a wastewater treatment plant.

The pivoting auger assembly allows for easy maintenance and minimizes overhead requirements needed to remove the auger from the tank. This allows for easy inspection and removal. It features an Auger Monster® screen with 1/4″ (6mm) perforations that remove far more unwanted solids and trash than bar screens.  The patented dual compartment compaction zone provides significant additional dewatering. JWC’s unique dewatering segment prevents material from wrapping around the shaft- a common problem with other receiving stations. Additional filters keep the spray wash systems operating trouble-free, even when reclaimed water is used.

“Feedback from the field indicated the need for a more user-friendly rock trap and improved access to the perforated screen. We’ve scored a home run in each of these areas,” said Rod Graham, JWC’s Engineered Systems Team Manager.

See JWC’s full range of Monster solutions in WEFTEC booth 1831 in Orlando!

The MonsterTrack™ control system is an optional feature for the Honey Monster SRS-XE that monitors septage flow and provides a receipt for haulers and accurate billing data for plant managers. The Controller redesign separates the controls that the driver needs to access from the controls the owner needs for operation.

“The Honey Monster SRS-XE incorporates a redesigned rock trap to settle out difficult solids such as metal and bolts while allowing

The new rock trap protects the system from metal and rocks and can now hold debris from multiple trucks.

the organics and other objects such as plastics and wood left in the flow for the screen to take out,” said Rob Sabol, JWC’s Director of R&D.

The new rock trap is now capable of handling multiple trucks and the basket is easier to access thanks to the pop-top lid. Inside the tank, a high-level weir protects against any “run-away” flow – preventing material from escaping the auger screen.

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