3-HYDRO & 4-HYDRO In-line

Powerful Industrial In-line Grinder for Tough Applications

The powerful 3-HYDRO wastewater grinder and 4-HYDRO In-line grinder are installed into industrial process pipelines to reduce the size of damaging solids in sludge, slurries and waste materials. In-line grinders like these can provide complete protection for downstream equipment – including pumps, valves, centrifuges and heat exchangers.

These industrial wastewater grinders feature two stacks of hardened steel cutters. They rotate at slow speed and incredibly high torque to grind large solids easily into small particles. This results in slurries that can flow through pumps and pipelines without clogs or damage.

Typical applications include drill cuttings, oil sands processing, petroleum, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, fish/beef/poultry processing, manure, and recycling plants. With high-flow capabilities, the 3- and 4-HYDRO grinders can be adapted into pipelines from 4″ to 20″ (100-500 mm) in diameter.

A 3-HYDRO industrial wastewater skid-mounted package is also available for jobs requiring a temporary installation. This skid-mounted industrial grinder comes complete with all controls and is designed for easy transport and quick installation.


  • Lower maintenance costs and unplanned process downtime
  • Protect pumps and other downstream equipment by effectively shredding solids, rags, and other debris
  • Enhance process efficiency with improved solids recovery and dewatering


  • Dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinder easily shreds the toughest debris, including rocks, wood, plastics and other debris
  • Compact and efficient design allows installation almost anywhere
  • Automated monitoring and controls package to reduce interrupts and optimize grinder performance
  • Wipes Ready® Technology available to process fibrous or stringy materials that can form long strips in the waste stream
  • Cutter configurations and seal material options to optimize performance for your application
  • Multiple motor and controller configurations to meet global environmental electrical requirements


  • Flow rate from 450 gpm (102 m3/hr) up to 6,860 gpm (1,558 m3/hr)
  • Tungsten carbide seal faces with maximum working pressure of 90 PSI (6 bar)
  • Install into any 4”-20” (100-500 mm) diameter pipeline
  • 5-10 hp (3.7-7.5 kW) motors