Pet Food Processing – Wastewater Treatment

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IPEC Screens for Solids Removal and Equipment Protection

Pet Food Processing Equipment

As pet food processing plants render and blend animal proteins, vegetables, grains, and other organic ingredients to make wet and dry food, they produce significant amounts of wastewater with high concentrations of total suspended solids (TSS); fats, oils and grease (FOG); chemical oxygen demand (COD); and biological oxygen demand (BOD). Screening of heavy solids prior to chemical/physical separation is an integral step in the wastewater treatment process. Sizing equipment to address solids loading and odor control measures is extremely important in these applications.

Every wastewater treatment application is unique. It has its own set of variables that make having an experienced process designer an absolute necessity. JWC Environmental’s wastewater process design team has worked on several pet food wastewater treatment applications. With this experience, we design treatment programs specifically for your project needs. Whether supplying a single piece of equipment or delivering a turnkey solution, JWC’s IPEC rotary drum screens will meet your unique application’s needs.

Equipment Benefits

  • Protect downstream process pumps from clogs and damage
  •  Keep screens cleaner
  • Use less water
  • Increase solids removal and maximize throughput

Typical Applications

For information on how JWC can assist with pet food processing volume and waste reduction, visit our Monster Industrial shredders page for grinding solutions.