Comply with Cannabis Waste Disposal Regulations

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Cannabis Destruction Made Easy

While recreational and medical marijuana regulations differ from state to state, one thing remains constant – after cultivation, the marijuana plant waste must be rendered unusable. Monster® Industrial shredders are your resource for cannabis waste disposal to ensure compliance with state cannabis destruction laws. Our industrial shredders take marijuana plant waste and grind it up, including root balls. Wood chippers clog and break when material is wet or damp. This doesn’t happen with a Monster® Industrial shredder. Whether the material is wet or dry, or still in plastic pots, it can all be fed to the shredder to grind up the material. Replace that noisy gas-powered wood chipper with a quiet, electric, powerful dual-shafted grinder.

cannabis destruction laws by state

Did you know? Failure to meet cannabis laws for marijuana waste disposal can lead to monetary fines up to $15,000 and/or cancellation of license.

Our 3-SHRED can help. Get ahead and take control with a powerful Industrial Shredder from JWC Environmental. Our Monster® shredders are more powerful than a wood chipper, making meeting cannabis laws for waste disposal completely hassle-free.

Is Cannabis Waste a Hazardous Material?

Cannabis is still considered a controlled substance under federal law—so its processing waste is generally categorized as a hazardous material that must be handled and disposed of with care. Irresponsible disposal of cannabis waste can endanger wildlife and have adverse effects on local habitats.

In Colorado, for example, cannabis waste must be combined with other waste (paper, plastic, food, soil, etc.) so that the mixture is at least 50% marijuana-free, secured in a locked container, and rendered unusable. Likewise, companies handling cannabis are required to carefully document their waste-handling procedures and keep these records for a minimum of three years.

Know Your State’s Marijuana Regulations

Because each state and municipality has laws regarding the handling of cannabis and its waste material, it’s important to research and understand the specific requirements in your area of operation. By understanding the laws in your state and municipality, you can avoid legal problems, fines, and other trouble that could jeopardize your operation.

Despite the variations in state waste disposal regulations, there are some universal rules regarding cannabis waste, including:

  • A marijuana plant is not considered dangerous unless it has been treated or contaminated with a solvent.
  • Marijuana plant waste must be rendered unusable by grinding and incorporating it with other ground materials.
  • The resulting mixture must be at least 51% non-marijuana waste by volume.

A Better Alternative to Wood Chippers – JWC Shredders:

  • Break up tough objects with a low RPM dual-shafted shredder
  • Grind wet or dry compostables and non-compostables
  • Save labor and energy costs
  • Transmit zero gas and exhaust fumes
  • Multiple safety features

No matter what you mix the marijuana waste with, to make it unusable (soil, plastic pots, netting, food waste, etc.), our shredder can handle it!

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Understanding and complying with cannabis waste disposal regulations is challenging, especially when these regulations are subject to change every year. At JWC Environmental, we’re committed to helping cannabis operations thrive and stay compliant with our reliable, energy-efficient industrial cannabis grinders. 

Please visit our Marijuana Plant Waste page for more information on safe cannabis disposal, or contact us today to learn more about our products or to request a quote.

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