Sulzer Completes Acquisition of JWC Environmental

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Sulzer. JWC Environemental, Trust Monster Quality

Sulzer announces that it has completed the acquisition of JWC Environmental, LLC (“JWC”).  The transaction allows Sulzer to grow its wastewater treatment offering through complementary equipment as well as to improve its access to the municipal and industrial wastewater market in North America. Furthermore, Sulzer intends to strongly pursue and support JWC’s geographic expansion into markets in EMEA and Asia.

Through this exciting change, the JWC Environmental team will continue to provide the world’s best solids reduction, separation and removal products while offering our customers an unsurpassed level of service. The same JWC team and JWC sales channels our customers and partners have trusted for many years remain the primary contacts going forward.

Sulzer, based in Switzerland, has been creating reliable & sustainable pumping, rotating equipment maintenance and services solutions since 1834. The company shares multiple focus markets with JWC including water, oil & gas, food & beverage and other industrial application’s. This union is a positive, strategic fit which further strengthens JWC’s business model and adds significant scale to operations and service offerings. Learn more about Sulzer at

Read the full announcement here.

Wipes Ready® Technologies Introduced

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Wipes Ready technologies were added to JWC’s grinders to address the problems caused by disposable wipes and rags.

Pump ragging has been a problem known to wastewater treatment operators for many years. In the early 2000’s the frequency and severity of the issue started to increase at an exponential rate.  The cause was the commercial success and rapid growth in the use of disposable wipes used for personal hygiene, cleaning, and infant care.  These wipes are being flushed into sewage systems that are not designed to handle these resilient pieces of plastic.

As a response to this new sewage challenge, JWC’s engineers developed a suite of Wipes Ready® technologies for our Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® products. These patent-pending improvements are designed to shred wipes into small enough pieces so they will not reweave into rag balls in sewage systems. While conventional two-shafted grinders will make long strips out of wipes that reweave into ropes, the Wipes Ready technologies leave small pieces that stay in suspension and are easily handled by traditional sewage pumps. The smaller pieces are then removed at the headworks of the wastewater treatment facility.

This technology advancement has been a huge win for collection systems operators as well as private commercial property managers who have been fighting the wipes problem. They have seen a dramatic decrease or full elimination of pump clogs related to disposable wipes.

JWC Produces 25,000th Muffin Monster Grinder

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JWC Factory - Muffin Monsters

JWC Hits Another Major Milestone

JWC has shipped Muffin Monster #25,000. A row of Muffin Monster grinders (model 30004 for sludge grinding) gets ready to ship out to a new wastewater treatment plant in Iraq. (credit: Julie Woodcock)

Earlier this year JWC passed another major milestone – manufacturing Muffin Monster grinder number 25,000. The dual-shafted Muffin Monster has become the industry standard for solids reduction in wastewater and sludge. The proof is in the incredible number of Muffin Monsters purchased by customers and out there grinding away on debris to keep sewer and sludge pumps free-flowing and clear!

“We’re proud of this milestone, and I know as a team even more achievements are ahead of us,” said Woodie Chambers, JWC’s Chairman of the Board. “In 1973 my father Joe developed the Muffin Monster grinder and I’m proud of the leading edge technologies we continue to develop for grinding, screening, washing and receiving.” Continue reading…

JWC enters Screens Market with Monster Separation Systems®

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In 2003 JWC Environmental embarked on an ambitious initiative to provide headworks screens to the municipal wastewater market. Monster Separation Systems® was introduced as a family of screening technologies combined with JWC’s patented and award winning Screenings Washer Monsters.

JWC quickly established itself as a leader in fine screening with the Monster Band Screen® and the Monster Fine Screen®. This filled the need for reliable fine screening protection to support the growing use of MBRs in wastewater.

JWC also provided coarse screening solutions with the Bar Screen Monster and Monster Chain & Rake products. All of these screens were designed to work flawlessly with JWC’s SWM’s to effectively deal with all solids at the plants headworks.

Channel Monster® high-flow grinders introduced

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The success of the Muffin Monster® grinder for wastewater left the municipal sewage treatment industry looking for more. Customers were looking for more flow capacity for use in larger installations. The JWC R&D team got to work and developed the Channel Monster® grinder to meet this need.

The Channel Monster incorporated a rotating screening drum to provide the ability to pass high flows while capturing the solid debris. The same proven two-shafted grinding technology would shred down all solids and provide the required protection to plants and pump stations.

This patented system was able to meet the high flow requirements customers were asking for, with the largest systems like the CDD9020-XD3.0 able to chew through up to 59 MGD (9,306 m3/h).