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JWC Produces 25,000th Muffin Monster Grinder

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JWC Hits Another Major Milestone

JWC has shipped Muffin Monster #25,000. A row of Muffin Monster grinders (model 30004 for sludge grinding) gets ready to ship out to a new wastewater treatment plant in Iraq. (credit: Julie Woodcock)

Earlier this year JWC passed another major milestone – manufacturing Muffin Monster grinder number 25,000. The dual-shafted Muffin Monster has become the industry standard for solids reduction in wastewater and sludge. The proof is in the incredible number of Muffin Monsters purchased by customers and out there grinding away on debris to keep sewer and sludge pumps free-flowing and clear!

“We’re proud of this milestone, and I know as a team even more achievements are ahead of us,” said Woodie Chambers, JWC’s Chairman of the Board. “In 1973 my father Joe developed the Muffin Monster grinder and I’m proud of the leading edge technologies we continue to develop for grinding, screening, washing and receiving.”

The Muffin Monster was developed by Woodie’s father, Joe Chambers Sr., in 1973. He first started working on a garbage disposal for the home and formed the company Atomic Disposal Company (ADC). He soon found demand from an unlikely source – wastewater treatment plants dealing with flushed trash and debris that was clogging sewage and sludge pumps. In the industry, this debris is nicknamed “muffins.” As the wastewater treatment market developed, Joe sold ADC and began to focus more on the dual-shafted, low-speed, high-torque grinder design that soon became the Muffin Monster. The first grinder was built right in Joe’s garage in Santa Ana, California.

At one of the first wastewater treatment plant installations in Irvine, California a plant operator watched the grinder rapidly devour “muffins” and turn them into harmless tiny pieces and exclaimed – “Wow – what a Monster!” And the legendary Muffin Monster brand name was born.

Four decades later JWC has staff and factories around the world. The Monster family has also grown quickly – we now have 20 different Monster products from dual shafted grinders to high-flow, stainless steel fine screens. And we continue to add new solutions as well as develop upgrades for our systems each year through our strategic planning process.

JWC started in 1973 with just two people – Joe and Woodie Chambers and today has a staff approaching 200.

“Any company is only as good as the people involved,” said Woodie. “Our employees and representatives are absolutely the reason the company is so successful today.”

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