Monster Wash Press – The Latest Generation of Washer Compactors

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JWCE Service Product

JWC  Environmental’s latest generation of washer compactors, the Monster Wash Press,  has arrived and is ready to grind, wash and compact your toughest screenings. It features a new Muffin Monster® with the power of a 40K in a 30K package!

The grinder effectively shreds rags, plastics and trash to promote removal of soft organics and fecal matter from the screened debris during washing.  The newly added paddle rotor agitates shredded material to improve diffusion of spray wash water throughout the shredded screenings for even better rinsing of the soft organics out the screened solids.

The new Monster Wash Press has now reset the standard for the best washer-compactor technology in the wastewater industry.

Maintenance Features:

  • Segmented auger rotor brush for easy brush replacement
  • Removable top cover and drive end plate minimizes clearance space needed to remove rotor and screen
  • Field replaceable screen
  • Multiple inspection ports for easy examination of equipment and operation

Get Cleaner Discharge:

  • Up to 50% dry solids content
  • Up to 95% reduction in weight/volume
  • Breaks up clumps so spray wash removes more fecal matter
  • Ground material will compact tighter
  • Protects auger from ragging and jamming
  • Paddle rotor in active wash zone enhances cleaning process
  • Paddle Rotor mixes and flips debris
  • Increase the volume of material that is exposed to the spray wash
  • More organics will be washed into the wastewater stream

Want to learn more about the Monster Wash Press? Contact us today!

Product Availability

The Monster Wash Press is currently available only in North America.

Sulzer Completes Acquisition of JWC Environmental

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Sulzer. JWC Environemental, Trust Monster Quality

Sulzer announces that it has completed the acquisition of JWC Environmental, LLC (“JWC”).  The transaction allows Sulzer to grow its wastewater treatment offering through complementary equipment as well as to improve its access to the municipal and industrial wastewater market in North America. Furthermore, Sulzer intends to strongly pursue and support JWC’s geographic expansion into markets in EMEA and Asia.

Through this exciting change, the JWC Environmental team will continue to provide the world’s best solids reduction, separation and removal products while offering our customers an unsurpassed level of service. The same JWC team and JWC sales channels our customers and partners have trusted for many years remain the primary contacts going forward.

Sulzer, based in Switzerland, has been creating reliable & sustainable pumping, rotating equipment maintenance and services solutions since 1834. The company shares multiple focus markets with JWC including water, oil & gas, food & beverage and other industrial application’s. This union is a positive, strategic fit which further strengthens JWC’s business model and adds significant scale to operations and service offerings. Learn more about Sulzer at

Read the full announcement here.

Video: Poultry Feather Grinding

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Feather grind

50% Volume Reduction With Poultry Feather Grinding

Each year billions of kilograms of waste feathers are created by poultry processing plants. By grinding up your poultry waste, you can reduce your feather volume by up to 50%. The Monster Industrial 3-SHRED grinds poultry feathers with its serrated cutters – feather grinding will quickly and efficiently reduce the volume of waste. Just imagine how much time and money you could save when a larger volume of feathers can fit into your hauling truck.

Check out our  Monster Industrial 3-SHRED to start grinding your feathers today!  And make sure to watch our Monsters in action with the video below, or view it in our video library.

Video: Marijuana Destruction

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Cannabis waste regulations

Methods for Meeting Cannabis Laws By State

Fields of cannabis plants are emerging in eight states where the sale and production of the crop are now legal. Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington now regulate marijuana as a legal crop. As marijuana becomes legal across the country, it is demonstrating a great ability to benefit state economies.

Cannabis is expected to be recognized as a top-valued crop in California. Farm data research companies estimate that indoor cannabis production could be nearly 9,000 times more productive than corn production on a dollar scale. While there is tremendous value in the newly legal crop, states are quickly putting regulations in place to ensure the proper handling of marijuana waste. With the legalization of marijuana, and a booming cannabis industry, comes new questions concerning the environmental impact of recreational marijuana growers and processors. With no prior precedent, these eight states are working with marijuana growers and processors to create regulations to manage water quality, water resources and waste management processes associated with marijuana cultivation.

Marijuana growers and processors are seeking efficient, high-quality methods for meeting the new state regulations. Swapping out cumbersome equipment, like wood chippers, for powerful grinders is just one way they can keep their operations productive while meeting waste disposal requirements.

With grinding capabilities both indoors and outdoors, the Monster Industrial shredder easily chews up wet or dry marijuana waste, including large root balls. Powered by quiet, electric motors, it transmits zero gas and exhaust fumes. The shredder runs at a low rpm, which keeps noise levels down. The double row of sharp, steel cutters, combined with the high torque of the grinders, allows processors to mix all manner of tough material with the marijuana waste to ensure it meets the 51 percent non-marijuana waste by volume guidelines. This allows them to skip the mixing step by jointly grinding the marijuana waste and non-marijuana waste. Watch this video to see it in action!!

Learn more about our Solution.

Meat Waste Recycling Brochure

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meat waste recycling, pet food manufacturing process, animal feed manufacturing process

Improve Meat Waste Recycling

No matter what meat waste recycling process you want to improve…

  • Rendering
  • Protein Recovery
  • Animal Feed Manufacturing Process
  • Pet Food Manufacturing Process

JWC has a grinder or screen that can help you improve it.

Make your processes more efficient and effective with JWC products.

JWC grinders are powerful and can shred down to size fat, bone and hides.  Grind down all varieties of feedstock with size reduction equipment.

JWC | IPEC screens can effectively remove meat, oil and grease from fluid flows. Reduce water usage and maximize solids recovery with wastewater screening equipment

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes today!

Download and Read the full brochure here.

JWC Environmental Names Troy Heimerl Director of North American Municipal Sales

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Troy Heimerl

SANTA ANA, Calif. — JWC Environmental is pleased to announce that Troy Heimerl has been promoted to Director of North American Municipal Sales. This newly created position will allow the company to make further investments in serving its customers while supporting the needs of its world-class partner network.

Mr. Heimerl exhibits the industry passion and leadership that our business was based on, and he has been an encouraging and motivating mentor to his team during his tenure at JWC,” says Greg Guard, VP Sales for JWC Environmental. “This role brings Troy’s passion to our partners and customers on a national scale, and gives our dedicated partner network a more streamlined channel for communication.”

Heimerl brings over 20 years of wastewater industry experience to this role. Before becoming Midwest Regional Sales Manager for JWC, he spent 10 years as a manufacturer’s representative for Quality Flow Systems, and another 10 years with Electric Pump primarily covering the Minnesota and South Dakota municipal markets.

“This is an especially exciting time in the history of our company,” explains Guard. “Our recent acquisition of IPEC Consultants Ltd. has allowed us to expand our successful screenings products to a larger audience. Our newest generation of Wipes Ready Muffin Monster® grinders is more effective and reliable at taking on tough debris than ever before. We’re very positive that these enhanced product offerings, along with our robust sales network, will allow us to better partner with our customers for their long-term needs”.


What the Settlement Between FTC and Nice-Pak Means for Wipes

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FTC Seal

Advertising Claims Must Be Substantiated

The California Water Environment Association recently reported on the agreed settlement between FTC and Nice-Pak regarding flushable wipes labeling. According to the article and the official FTC website, Nice-Pak has agreed to stop advertising moist toilet tissue as flushable unless it can substantiate that the product is safe to flush. Jessica Rich, the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said the following in regard to the suit:

“The evidence didn’t back up Nice-Pak’s claim that their wipes were safe to flush. If you claim a product is flushable, it needs to flush in the real world, without clogging household plumbing or sewer and septic systems.”

The question of whether this will positively impact utilities remains to be seen, and some experts think it will make little difference. According to a recent blog post from the NACWA, the only thing that’s really going to make a difference here is a substantial change in consumer behavior:

“Too many people are flushing baby wipes and other types of wipes that are super strong and not designed to break down at all in a sewer system. This problem can only be solved with better product labeling and consumer education.”

We agree with the NACWA, and believe product labeling and consumer education are key elements in the fight against wipes. However, the third piece to solving this wipes crisis lies in utilizing technology that fully breaks down this tough material in the waste stream, before it can reach pumps.

To learn more, read our three-part series on how the industry can fully combat flushables.

JWC Environmental adds five municipal distributors to serve Australian market

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JWC Environmental, leading manufacturer of municipal wastewater shredders and screening systems, is pleased to announce the expansion of its distribution network in Australia through five new partnerships.

“Waste treatment plants and collections systems are being inundated with tougher, more durable debris than ever before, and this is certainly a global issue,” said Fritz Egger, Asia Pacific sales director for JWC Environmental “We greatly value the partnerships with our distributors and look forward to this expanded opportunity to fully serve the Australian wastewater market.”

Get the full press release here.