Video: Poultry Feather Grinding

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Feather grind

50% Volume Reduction With Poultry Feather Grinding

Each year billions of kilograms of waste feathers are created by poultry processing plants. By grinding up your poultry waste, you can reduce your feather volume by up to 50%. The Monster Industrial 3-SHRED grinds poultry feathers with its serrated cutters – feather grinding will quickly and efficiently reduce the volume of waste. Just imagine how much time and money you could save when a larger volume of feathers can fit into your hauling truck.

Check out our  Monster Industrial 3-SHRED to start grinding your feathers today!  And make sure to watch our Monsters in action with the video below, or view it in our video library.

Craft Brewery Uses IPEC Rotary Drum Screen in Wastewater Before Anaerobic Digester

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Brewery Wastewater Screen Rotary Drum Screens IPEC JWC Environmental

JWC’s IPEC Rotary Drum Screen Used for Protection from Filter Clogging in Brewery Wastewater

Matt Brewing Co., which makes the Saranac brand of craft beer, is a picture of sustainability in the craft brewing community, using several energy-saving methods within their brewing process. While a lot of liquids end up in the beer, nearly 900 gallons of brewery wastewater flow through the system every minute, which includes tough, gritty spent hops.  An on-site 200,000 equalization tank normalizes the flow of the wastewater and preconditions it before it is pumped to the company’s five anaerobic digester units.  Organics in the digesters are used to create biogas composed of methane gas which are then used to power brewery operations.  To help protect the heat exchanger before the digester the company was using a two-dimensional filter to capture the hops.

Unfortunately for the Matt Brewing staff the spent hops regularly clogged the filter, and operators had to clean it manually each time. After dealing with this hassle for years, the brewery team conducted research on alternative screening products. This led them to JWC’s IPEC internally fed rotary screen, which catches the spent grain brewery wastewater but allows the yeast to flow through to the anaerobic digester. Since the installation of the drum screen, Matt Brewing eliminated costly downtime due to filter maintenance, and hasn’t experienced any issues with their anaerobic digester as related to spent hops or grains.

In parallel with this project Matt Brewing also installed one of JWC’ IPEC PLB 1272 screw press conveyors for the drum screen discharge.  The PLB takes the screen hops materials and compresses them for dryer, more compact discharge.  The final dryness was in the 18-25% range.

Read about the details of Matt Brewing’s screening project here!

Meat Waste Recycling Brochure

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meat waste recycling, pet food manufacturing process, animal feed manufacturing process

Improve Meat Waste Recycling

No matter what meat waste recycling process you want to improve…

  • Rendering
  • Protein Recovery
  • Animal Feed Manufacturing Process
  • Pet Food Manufacturing Process

JWC has a grinder or screen that can help you improve it.

Make your processes more efficient and effective with JWC products.

JWC grinders are powerful and can shred down to size fat, bone and hides.  Grind down all varieties of feedstock with size reduction equipment.

JWC | IPEC screens can effectively remove meat, oil and grease from fluid flows. Reduce water usage and maximize solids recovery with wastewater screening equipment

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes today!

Download and Read the full brochure here.

Monster grinder called in to replace weak food macerator

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Oil rig out in the ocean

BP Atlantis replaces weak food macerator with tough Monster dual-shafted grinder

The deepest moored semi-submersible oil platform in the world, British Petroleum’s Atlantis, sits nearly 200 miles south of New Orleans and reaches down over 7,000 feet deep into the Gulf of Mexico. Producing nearly 200,000 barrels of oil a day, the onboard crew had no time for unscheduled maintenance or equipment headaches.  Unfortunately this  is precisely what they were going through in 2013 with their onboard crew food waste. The hassles with their shipboard galley equipment food macerator were costing them valuable time and money.  Luckily, JWC Environmental’s dual-shafted grinder replaced their weak food macerator solving these problems!

“Since our food macerator wasn’t strong enough to grind down bones, a group of us had to presort the garbage before putting it through the grinder,” says Laura Quinn, Atlantis process engineer. “It almost defeated the purpose of having a [food macerator] since we were doing so much of the work.”

They went looking for a solution.  Now their food grinders are not only relieving them of these headaches but also are MARPOL Annex V compliant, making the Monster Industrial SHRED grinders a perfect fit. Read the rest of the story here

Which On-Site Food Waste Disposal System Works Best?

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food waste disposal equipment

Researchers in Massachusetts Put Food Waste Disposal Technologies to the Test!

On October 1, 2014 Massachusetts implemented its ban on sending food waste to landfills. For approximately 3,000 restaurants, stores, hotels and food producers in the state who generate over 1 ton of food waste per week – they need to find a better way to recycle their food waste. A food waste disposal system is unavoidable.

To prepare companies for the transition to food waste recycling or proper food waste disposal  – the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection hired researchers from Northwestern University to look at several on-site recycling systems. They examined non-biological systems; in-vessel dry composters and biological liquefaction (or wet systems).

The report notes systems that grind food waste and mix it with micro-­‐organisms… “accelerate the decomposition process, causing most of the food waste to turn into a liquid effluent.”  Some of these food waste grinders include our compact and powerful 1-SHRED and 3-SHRED grinders.

Some of the findings were astounding, including:

  • 90% of the 2.8 billion pounds of food waste disposed of annually ends up in landfills or incinerators.
  • Food waste represents 25% of the entire waste stream in Massachusetts, the largest category of waste.
  • One of the on-site composting systems reduces food waste to 0.1% of its original weight (a reduction of 1000:1).
  • Wet systems “digest” the food waste and break it down over 7-14 days. In a backyard compost pile this process takes several months.

Don’t let this regulation catch you non-compliant! Reach out and see what systems we have to offer!

Learn more about JWC’s Monster food waste grinders >

Read the report here (pdf) >

Learn more at the MassDEP website here >

Market Summary: Monster Food Waste Shredders

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food waste solutions for all size applications

Food Waste Solutions? Monster Shredders

The SHRED dual-shafted grinders can turn food waste into a resource. This diagram shows how wastewater treatment plants can turn food waste scraps into fuel for their digesters and burn the resulting biogas for energy.

It’s amazing the places where Monster grinders show-up – can you believe Monsters go to work everyday at food processing facilities, slaughterhouses, large food kitchens and even on-board large seafood processing ships? You bet, Monster Shredders love to dine on whatever you discard – bones, food scraps, fish waste, spoiled food, out-of-spec packaged food and more. This makes them the #1 answer for Food Waste Solutions in the industry.

Monster Shredders come in three sizes – models 3, 4 or 7-SHRED. Their sharp steel cutter teeth turn large bulky food waste into tiny particles that can be turned into compost, fertilizer, anaerobic digester fuel or some other useful resource.

We’ve gathered our best food waste grinding stories and videos, check them out:

Need to speak to someone find the right fit for your needs? Find your Food Waste Solutions HERE