New Massive Monster: 7-SHRED Grinder Added to Monster Industrial Lineup

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7-SHRED Industrial Shredder Monster Industrial

New industrial grinder combines industry-leading technology, massive shredding power and is ready to ship within four weeks

The new 7-SHRED industrial grinder from JWC Environmental is the largest, most powerful shredder in the Monster Industrial lineup and expertly suited for the toughest waste grinding applications. The versatile 7-SHRED grinder can be quickly configured in a variety of sizes with cutter and motor options tailored to meet customers’ exact waste reduction requirements.

We developed the 7-SHRED so customers with challenging industrial shredding needs would have a reliable, high throughput and cost-effective solution at the ready,” said Kevin Bates, global marketing director for JWC Environmental. “The unit was designed to have the most commonly required features available for shipment in just four weeks or less.”

The 7-SHRED is packed with power — sporting up to a 100 hp drive motor and 29:1 cycloidal reducer to turn the hardened steel dual cutting shafts. The 28,000 ft./lb. of available torque can produce forces up to 69,000 lb. of force at the cutting tips. This gives the machine the strength to grind up to 1,000 ft3/hour of waste and grind through even the toughest debris.

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Market Summary: Monster Food Waste Shredders

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food waste solutions for all size applications

Food Waste Solutions? Monster Shredders

The SHRED dual-shafted grinders can turn food waste into a resource. This diagram shows how wastewater treatment plants can turn food waste scraps into fuel for their digesters and burn the resulting biogas for energy.

It’s amazing the places where Monster grinders show-up – can you believe Monsters go to work everyday at food processing facilities, slaughterhouses, large food kitchens and even on-board large seafood processing ships? You bet, Monster Shredders love to dine on whatever you discard – bones, food scraps, fish waste, spoiled food, out-of-spec packaged food and more. This makes them the #1 answer for Food Waste Solutions in the industry.

Monster Shredders come in three sizes – models 3, 4 or 7-SHRED. Their sharp steel cutter teeth turn large bulky food waste into tiny particles that can be turned into compost, fertilizer, anaerobic digester fuel or some other useful resource.

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