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Market Summary: Monster Food Waste Shredders

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Food Waste Solutions? Monster Shredders

The SHRED dual-shafted grinders can turn food waste into a resource. This diagram shows how wastewater treatment plants can turn food waste scraps into fuel for their digesters and burn the resulting biogas for energy.

It’s amazing the places where Monster grinders show-up – can you believe Monsters go to work everyday at food processing facilities, slaughterhouses, large food kitchens and even on-board large seafood processing ships? You bet, Monster Shredders love to dine on whatever you discard – bones, food scraps, fish waste, spoiled food, out-of-spec packaged food and more. This makes them the #1 answer for Food Waste Solutions in the industry.

Monster Shredders come in three sizes – models 3, 4 or 7-SHRED. Their sharp steel cutter teeth turn large bulky food waste into tiny particles that can be turned into compost, fertilizer, anaerobic digester fuel or some other useful resource.

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