Food Bank Turns Food Waste Into Compost With Help From Our Monster Food Composting Machine

3-SHRED Food Composting Machine helping out with the BIG fight

The statistics surrounding food waste in the United States can only be described as staggering. More than 30 percent of the food produced for human consumption in the United States, valued at $162 billion annually, isn’t eaten.  Even institutions like the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank , with the goal of distributing food to those in need,  must tackle this challenge of wasted food.  The food bank is now using a composting system from FOR Solutions which utilizes a JWC 3-SHRED Grinder as their food composting machine to facilitate the break down of the 2,000 pounds of tough solids food waste processed daily.  The result is a reliable system to recycle the waste into nutrient-rich compost used on local San Diego farms. The food bank’s improved environmental footprint and substantial savings on hauling and tipping fees are among several additional benefits.

Read the case study here.

The food composting machine is popping up more and more in various shapes and forms with this growing hot topic but JWC has been actively participating since 1973. When quality matter & expertise is required, JWC is there to step in as your food composting machine expert.

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