Organic Waste Recycling at Purdue University

Case Study: Organic Waste Recycling at Purdue University

JWCE is proud to be a part of the organic waste recycling movement! The powerful 4-SHRED Monsters installed at the West Lafayette, Indiana wastewater treatment plant has increased efficiency at Purdue University. This food waste shredder grinds food waste recovered from the dining halls at Purdue University as the first step in the energy recovery process. The high-strength organic material is ground up into small pieces and then pumped into anaerobic digesters where it increases the production of biogas which is then burned to generate electricity.

The green energy project takes what was once wasted food scraps or food waste sent to the landfill and turns it into clean, green all-natural energy.

“A good 90 percent of our waste will be saved from the landfill and will go to the grinder,” said Jill Irvin, Director of Dining Services at Purdue. She estimates the University will send 20 tons of food waste every month to the treatment plant. Nothing the 4-SHRED Monsters can’t handle.

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Organic Waste Recycling – now another check box for JWCE!

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