Why Upgrade to Channel Monster® FLEX?

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Channel Monster Flex Upgrade

2 Reasons: Easy Field Replacement & Long Term Savings

Gone are the days when you have to send the entire unit out for repair or hit the budget with a full-priced replacement! The modularity of the latest Channel Monster, the Channel Monster FLEX, allows for easy repair or replacement of worn components & at a fraction of the cost. Our newest sewage channel grinder design was created with the future in mind. When you opt to upgrade your existing Channel Monster, not only are you bringing your system up to date but you’re setting yourself up for less hassle in the future.

Let’s walk through the benefits of each component and find where the cost savings lie.

The FLEX is composed of the three major modules depicted in the illustration below:

Solids Diverter

As much as we try, we cannot control what is in the waste stream. Occasional large, tough, irregular debris is unavoidable which may damage the drum. In the event that disaster strikes and you need to replace the drum; all that is required is to pull out the Channel Monster FLEX, remove and replace the drum, then drop it back into the channel. That’s it! No need to send back the entire unit, just call and order your required component. Beyond that, shipping costs and turnaround time are reduced by almost 50%!

FLEX Grinder

Wear on any sewage grinder cutter is inevitable over time but the ease of repair, reduced downtime and cost effectiveness of any piece of machinery is the true differentiator.  As with many of our other Monster grinder models, the FLEX grinder is eligible for the Monster Renew Program! A Monster Renew for your FLEX grinder will cost significantly less than a renew for an older Channel Monster. The modular design again assists in reducing your cost of ownership. As for the in-field replacement, you simply call and order your FLEX Renew. As soon as it arrives, pull out the Channel Monster FLEX, replace the grinder component and drop back in the waste stream. No need to ship anything back either!

FLEX Frame

The FLEX frame is the key that makes the modularity happen! This frame allows for flexibility in interchanging worn or damaged modules. It’s the glue that holds the FLEX grinder and solids diverter together. BONUS: We don’t anticipate a need for replacement or repair of this item so no worries here!

All of these individual components are what set you up for an easy and hassle-free future! Its modularity not only provides easy in-field repairs but improves your cost of ownership year over year!

Already have an existing Channel Monster? Ask about our Upgrade Program! Take advantage of our upgrade pricing! Contact us for more details! Must be replacing an existing Channel Monster. Our customer service team is on standby ready to help set you up for the future!

Press Release: JWC Environmental continues sewage grinder leadership with new Channel Monster® FLEX

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Channel Monster® FLEX

Watch the video here.

Santa Ana, Calif. (September 26, 2018) — JWC Environmental (JWC), a world leader in wastewater solids reduction and removal equipment, announced today the release of the latest advancement in high-flow wastewater grinders, the Channel Monster® FLEX. This newest addition to JWC’s comprehensive offering of wastewater sewage grinders is a giant leap forward for the Company’s existing line industry leading Channel Monster grinders. The patent-pending innovations of the Channel Monster® FLEX will be highlighted at WEFTEC 2018, September 29 – October 3 in New Orleans.

The Channel Monster Flex offers the new features that wastewater professionals are asking for. This includes a modular and adaptive architecture, a higher flow capacity, and a lower total cost of ownership. These innovations have been combined with JWC’s other unique and proven technologies such as Wipes Ready® cutters and a perforated solids diverter to become the most efficient and effective high-flow wastewater grinder available today.

The Channel Monster Flex is constructed with separate FLEX grinder module and solids diverter modules brought together with a unique Flex Frame. This modular design allows for the flexibility of servicing the cutting element and perforated solids diverter element separately. The cutting element of any sewage grinder is the portion that will typically need overhaul in time. With the FLEX grinder being a separate module in the Channel Monster Flex a customer can receive a pre-assembled cutter module when required and easily replace it in the field. This eliminates the need for shipping a full unit back to the factory for repair or being required to perform extensive and complex repairs in the on-site when a box of parts arrives.

The capabilities of the Channel Monster Flex can also be expanded with changes in the surrounding community it serves. If peak flows increase or decrease at a given lift station a Channel Monster Flex customer can now upgrade the unit in the field to handle changes in flow by ordering a larger or smaller solids diverter module.

The Channel Monster Flex has been optimized to maximize flow capacity while minimizing any solids and wipes bypass. This means up to 20 percent more flow capacity in the same channel width when compared to earlier Channel Monster products. The Channel Monster FLEX achieves these high flows while still utilizing a perforated solids diverter, instead of horizontal screening bars. The perforated construction solids diverter plus the ability maintaining an extremely tight drum to cutter interface minimizes the opportunity for material bypass and insures all debris include wipes are rags are shredded.

The Channel Monster Flex is also available with an optional 10 horsepower (7.5kw) drive motor giving it the highest cutting force of any high-flow sewage grinder on the market today. With flow capabilities from 3.0 to 42 mgd and numerous combinations of grinder heights and diameters of the solids diverter plus customized installation frames make the Channel Monster Flex extremely versatile for both in-channel installations or wall mounting within wet wells.

Along with a first look at the Channel Monster FLEX at WEFTEC, JWC will also have a live 40K grinder demonstration and a Monster Drum Thickener on display at their booth (#4429).

Watch the video here.

About JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental, a Sulzer Brand, is a world leader in solids reduction and removal system for municipal, industrial and commercial application’s. Our solutions include our legendary Muffin Monster grinders, Monster Industrial shredders, Monster Separation headworks screening systems and IPEC industrial wastewater screens systems. We partner with our customers to help them run efficient and compliant wastewater treatment operations as well as solve challenging size reduction problems in industrial processes.

JWC Environmental is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, and has a global network of representatives, distributors and regional service centers to provide customer support.  For more information, visit us at www.jwce.com.