What’s Unique About the Automatic Bar Screen Monster

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Self Cleaning Automatic Bar Screen Reciprocating Rake Bar Screen Monster

Not Every Self Cleaning Automatic Bar Screen is the Same

We only sell the best automatic bar screen and here’s why:

  1. Reciprocating rake bar screen – one of the most popular types of screens in the industry. Reliable even in challenging applications.
  2. Explosion Proof Submersible brake motor – allows the screen to have a much lower head room, so it can fit into cramped pump stations or headworks.
  3. Completely enclosed, all stainless steel – we know odor control is important for our customers, so our automatic Bar Screen Monster is completely enclosed and built from 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  4. Fully assembled – our reciprocating rake bar screens is also one of the easiest to install. The entire Bar Screen Monster arrives assembled, ready to be dropped into the channel, bolted down and start it running.
  5. Replaceable bar screen segments – the automatic bar screen has individual bars can be removed and replaced if needed

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Other Coarse Screening Solutions

JWC Environmental offer several other coarse screening products for municipal wastewater plant headworks including:


Channel Monsters Help South African Pump Station Operate Smoothly

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In the scenic South African city of Pretoria, maintaining a healthy environment is a top priority, so when it came time to construct a sewage pumping station in one of the neighborhoods, engineers looked for ways to ensure reliable operations and protect the pumps from clogging with rags and debris.

After considering several options, engineers selected a pair of powerful Channel Monster sewage grinders distributed in South Africa by Pumptron and manufactured in the UK by JWC International. According to Pumptron, the pump station is a model of quality design and construction, the customer is satisfied and the pumps have not encountered any issues over the last 2 years of operation.  Continue reading…