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5 Money Saving Tips When Facing Pump Station Ragging Challenges

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Muffin Monster Tips From the Sewage Pump Protection Experts

We here at JWC Environmental have learned a few tricks after installing over 35,000 Muffin Monster sewage grinders to deal with pump ragging problems. As we travel across the nation solving pump station ragging issues we see some of the same challenges in every city.

So here’s a few of the 40 years worth of JWCE’s money saving ideas:

  1. If you have a dry well sewage pump station, then install an in-line 30K or 40K Muffin Monster sewage grinder in front of the pump.

    These grinders perform extremely well when located right in front of the pump and can last for years since they’re not exposed to corrosive gas.

  2. Designing and building a new dry well sewage pump station?

    If you’re not sure if you’ll need a Muffin Monster yet (most pump stations do eventually need one) – why not install a place-holder/spacer pipe the length of our in-line Muffin Monster? This way, when pump ragging does begin the sewer agency can quickly swap out the piece of pipe and install a powerful Muffin Monster grinder.
    Please consult a local JWCE rep to determine the length of spacer pipe needed for your station. It’s also a good idea to think about overhead clearance for the moving the grinder in and out.

  3. Wet well pump station?

    Request JWCE’s optional Immersible Motor for your Monster grinder. It’s a submersible motor designed to run at a depth of 40′ (12m) of wastewater for 40 days, but also runs efficiently in open air without burning out. This is different from submersible motors which can quickly overheat and burn out when they are not submerged. Sewage grinders are rarely, if ever,  submerged, and only during the worst rain storms once or twice a year. The JWC Immersible motor is a great feature that can help you save by preventing motor burn outs.

  4. Sometimes source control is a smart solution.

    We’ve installed thousands of Muffin Monsters grinders at prisons, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals and institutions because the local sewer authority required them to install a grinder.
    Debris from these facilities can quickly lead to ragging in a nearby pump station. Since cities and agencies are responsible for meeting state and EPA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System requirements – local agencies have the authority to require source control and ask facilities discharging the debris to either stop or install a sewage grinder or screen on their property.

  5. Don’t oversize the sewage grinder.

    Muffin Monster or Channel Monster sewage grinders are designed to run a maximum efficiency when flow fills at least half the cutter stack. Sewage channel sewage grinder pump station JWC environmentalThis distributes debris across a wider range of our sharp steel cutters so maximum cutting power can be applied. In addition, this allows the cutters to wear at a more even rate. Need a super high peak flow? Add our custom made static bar screens over the grinder to allow peak flow to pass over the grinder, and the bar screen will catch rags, wipes and debris before they can pass through.

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