Channel Monsters Help South African Pump Station Operate Smoothly

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In the scenic South African city of Pretoria, maintaining a healthy environment is a top priority, so when it came time to construct a sewage pumping station in one of the neighborhoods, engineers looked for ways to ensure reliable operations and protect the pumps from clogging with rags and debris.

After considering several options, engineers selected a pair of powerful Channel Monster sewage grinders distributed in South Africa by Pumptron and manufactured in the UK by JWC International. According to Pumptron, the pump station is a model of quality design and construction, the customer is satisfied and the pumps have not encountered any issues over the last 2 years of operation. 

One goal for engineers was to build a pumping station that is self-reliant and reduces any need for human intervention. Engineers chose high-quality Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps and proven Channel Monster sewage grinders to meet their goal. The Channel Monsters are model CMD3210 and the Gorman-Rupp pumps are model  T8A3S-B.  There are over 4,000 Channel Monster grinders installed around the world and over 25,000 Muffin Monsters installed.

The patented Channel Monster design uses a rotating screening drum to allow large amounts of sewage to quickly pass while diverting debris, rags, sticks and plastics into the sharp steel rotating cutters. The grinder uses low-speed, high-torque power to shred debris and is available in many sizes – including a single drum model and higher flow double drum models. JWCI’s largest Channel Monster can grind up to 9,300 m3/h of sewage.

Another benefit of Channel Monster is the ability to eliminate the debris skips associated with bar screen installations. The Channel Monster grinds material to an appropriate size so material can pass through sewer pumps and then is removed at the sewage treatment plant by screens in the inlet works. Bar screens inside pump stations generate mounds of wet, malodorous debris that must be hauled to the landfill every week – creating costly hauling and landfill fees.  Plus the debris can create terrible odour problems inside the pump station. Channel Monster makes pump stations more cost-effective and efficient.

Pumptron was founded in 1986 based upon the principle of providing quality products on time followed by a lifetime of product support and spares availability. The company has remained faithful to these principles by only entering a field of pumping when able to offer a superior product with better performance and long life expectancy. Through the years, our continued growth has focused on superior pump design and engineering. As a result, we have become a company known for market innovations and improvements that continue to set standards for the pump industry. Today Pumptron has three branches based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Other major centres are serviced by a carefully selected group of trained and competent distributors based in all major centers and neighbouring states to provide “on the spot “product support to our customers.

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