Improve Efficiency in Wastewater Treatment

Food and beverage processing utilizes substantial amounts of water that must be pumped, processed and treated. JWC works with processors to develop economical strategies to meet discharge permit requirements as well as recover potentially valuable resources within the wastewater streams. Additionally, plants often require solutions to break down solids in waste byproducts so they can be effectively pumped, processed or transported. JWC offers a variety of equipment that helps to improve the efficiency of food and beverage facilities in the areas of wastewater treatment and recovery of valuable processing byproducts.

Reduce TSS and Minimize Surcharges

Food and beverage processing plants generate a significant amount of wastewater with relatively high concentrations of total suspended solids (TSS). It is imperative to treat this wastewater before sending it on to a municipal sewage system to limit municipal surcharges imposed for exceeding the limits on TSS.

Proper screening of the waste stream can also increase discharge dryness resulting in lower hauling and waste disposal costs.

Rotary drum screens are an effective and efficient method to remove organic waste from food and beverage wastewater. Screening out of organic matter can substantially reduce the TSS levels in the waste stream and enhance further food and beverage wastewater treatment processes.

JWC offers IPEC Rotary Drum Screens for a variety of food and beverage applications.

Our IPEC Screens are customized to target exactly what is being screened out and ensure a high capture rate. JWC has screening solutions for a variety of items including fats, feathers, seeds and spent hops.

IPEC drum screens use a wedge wire screen designed for specific waste to optimize cleaning and minimize wash water use. The headbox dissipates energy flow to optimize liquid removal and maximize throughput. The higher throughput allows a smaller IPEC screen to do the same job as many larger screens on the market. IPEC rotary drum screens are known for their rugged construction, reliable performance and minimum maintenance in tough industrial wastewater ap­plications. JWC works with customers to specify the right drum screen based on the debris composition, flow rate, and end-use for the screenings.


  • Effectively remove process water from larger solids
  • High capture rates reduce TSS levels in waste treatment processes
  • Screens specialized for specific applications like fruit and vegetable processing, breweries, and bakeries

Typical Applications