Headworks for Smaller Plants – Beyond the Manual Bar Screen

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Wastewater bar screen or manual bar screen replaced with Auger Monster at Headworks

Wastewater Bar Screen – Not the Only Option

Water treatment facilities in smaller towns and villages, as well as treatment works supporting institutions, prisons, resorts or remote facilities, have difficult choices to make when selecting a headworks system. All require a solids control strategy, but lower flows and smaller budgets limit the available equipment options.  The historical choice in this situation has been a wastewater bar screen or a raked manual bar screen – but there are better options.  The days of sending an operator with a rake and bucket to the headworks for the daily cleaning duties should be a thing of the past.

A number of different types of equipment can be used to meet these objectives, yet public works engineers should not make that choice lightly. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied to every headworks situation. Matching the needs of the facility to the appropriate screen or debris reduction method is paramount for both protecting downstream equipment and ensuring screened out solids are handled efficiently and effectively. The wrong choice can result in headworks systems that do not meet the required level of protection of downstream treatment processes, or a system that is too costly for the plant’s requirements.

This article explores the options for wastewater engineers and plant operators trying to strike the right balance between technology and the available funds while optimizing the plant’s efficiency.  If provides guidance on alternatives to the traditional manual bar screen while not overdesigning a system.

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North Carolina Jail Finds Muffin Monster Fits Almost Anywhere

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Muffin Monster Sewage Grinder Fits In Tight Prison Vault

An upgrade to the Rowan County Jail (NC) ran into a roadblock when engineers and managers tried to find a place to install the Muffin Monster sewage grinder. According to the local newspaper – they discovered there is always a place the Muffin Monster can be installed – including the basement of the 15-year-old facility.

The placement of the “Muffin Monster,” a device designed to grind up anything and everything inmates throw in the toilets, also contributed to the delay. Several sites were considered, but problems forced the device to be located in a vault in the basement.

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Muffin Monsters have been installed in closets, on ceilings, in basements, upside down and even in underground vaults. JWC also works with vendors to offer a prefabricated fiberglass or concrete manhole which can hold the grinder and install anywhere along the sewer lateral. View our Pump Station application’s page to learn more.