North Carolina Jail Finds Muffin Monster Fits Almost Anywhere

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Muffin Monster Sewage Grinder Fits In Tight Prison Vault

An upgrade to the Rowan County Jail (NC) ran into a roadblock when engineers and managers tried to find a place to install the Muffin Monster sewage grinder. According to the local newspaper – they discovered there is always a place the Muffin Monster can be installed – including the basement of the 15-year-old facility.

The placement of the “Muffin Monster,” a device designed to grind up anything and everything inmates throw in the toilets, also contributed to the delay. Several sites were considered, but problems forced the device to be located in a vault in the basement.

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Muffin Monsters have been installed in closets, on ceilings, in basements, upside down and even in underground vaults. JWC also works with vendors to offer a prefabricated fiberglass or concrete manhole which can hold the grinder and install anywhere along the sewer lateral. View our Pump Station application’s page to learn more.

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