Proper Screening Saves Membrane Bioreactors

In order to reap the full benefits of Membrane Bioreactors and avoid unnecessary operating costs, proper pretreatment must be established.

Membrane Bioreactors are a common step nowadays in the wastewater treatment process because of their benefits: high-quality effluent, a smaller footprint than traditional activated sludge processes and the potential for better biotreatment. But what many don’t realize is that in order to protect MBRs, reduce maintenance costs from cleaning and replacements, and maintain maximum success, it’s essential to implement proper pretreatment upstream with screens.

Screening protects the membrane from all manner of damage, such as clogs formed from loose hair and fiber that slip through, or debilitating damage inflicted by sharp particles. It serves as a crucial component of the MBR system.

Choosing a properly sized and designed pretreatment strategy for your MBR is key. Fine screens of 2 mm or less are recommended for pretreatment of MBRs, but ultrafine screens will be the best bet to ensure a higher solids capture rate. Ultrafine screens of 1 mm protect MBR systems from the smallest pieces of fiber or hair.

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