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The Importance of Dewatering in Food Waste Processing

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It’s no secret that food waste is a global problem. In fact, according to the World Resources Institute, approximately 45 trillion gallons of water are lost due to global food waste each year.

The good news? Dewatering in the food waste treatment process makes it possible to recycle and reuse water that would otherwise be lost. This, in turn, minimizes the environmental effects of food waste while making waste easier to manage and process.

Dewatering: The Solution to High Moisture in Food Waste

Across the globe, dewatering is being used to reduce waste in food waste treatment processes. The dewatering process involves forcing liquids out of waste—often by subjecting the waste to gradually increasing pressure. The result of dewatering is organic waste that weighs less, thus reducing further processing and transport costs. Additionally, lower moisture content makes food waste easier to incinerate if needed.

Dewatering also yields some environmental benefits by recycling water that would have otherwise been wasted. After being extracted from food waste, water can be effectively treated, recycled, and reused. This means you’ll be doing your part in recycling one of the planet’s most valuable natural resources.

JWC Environmental’s Dewatering Solutions

JWC Environmental offers several dewatering and food waste processing solutions that may work for your facility, including our Zero Waste Monster, PLB & PLT Dewatering Auger Conveyor Systems, and PPS Dewatering Press.

Zero Waste Monster

Zero Waste Monster

Our patented Zero Waste Monster is a self-contained, hopper-fed liquid depackaging system that separates liquids, gels, creams, and other semi-solids from metal, glass, or plastic containers. It’s considered an all-in-one system, as it is capable of grinding, washing, compacting, and dewatering waste.

This system also features a flexible and mobile design with customizable cutter configurations to meet your operation’s precise needs.

PLB & PLT Dewatering Auger Conveyor Systems

Auger Press

Our PLB and PLT conveyor systems help capture and compact materials from industrial wastewater screens. These systems are mounted at an upward angle, allowing filtrate and wash water to flow away.

The primary difference between the PLB and PLT systems is that the PLB uses a push-style driving force to transport and compact solids due to the gearbox being mounted on the lower end, while the PLT uses a pull-type force because the gearbox is mounted on the top end.

In addition to dewatering and reducing food waste volume, the PLB and PLT dewatering systems produce cleaner screenings by removing soft waste from screened debris. Plus, they feature an optional continuous waste bagging unit for containing discharged and dewatered screening.

PPS Dewatering Press

Dewatering Press

Lastly, our PPS Dewatering Press extracts moisture from solids by compacting slurry against its tubular screen element, which has perforated round or slotted holes. The perforated or slotted holes allow liquid to pass through the holes effectively while solids are retained on the surface.

The PPS dewatering press can handle up to 14 cubic yards of wet solids per hour and is available in various sizes, ranging from six to 20 inches. This system also features Type 304 stainless steel construction for maximum resistance against corrosion, which is ideal when handling wastewater with a lower pH. It also features an adjustable pressure plate and pneumatic controls to allow operators to adjust pressure.

Learn More About JWC Environmental’s Dewatering Solutions

JWC Environmental has been an industry-leading waste equipment manufacturer for over five decades. We believe strongly in creating the best solutions to help operators solve their biggest waste reduction and recycling challenges. Our solutions include designing, developing, and manufacturing quality dewatering solutions for food processing plants and industrial food waste shredders and grinders.

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