Food waste on wooden boards on a restaurant table. The food waste is mostly half-eaten steak, roasted tomatoes, and roasted carrots.

How to Effectively Manage Food Waste at Your Hotel

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In recent years, effective waste management has been a renewed focus throughout the hotel and hospitality industry. Food waste is one of the biggest sources of waste in the hotel industry. In fact, research has found that the hotel industry alone produces nearly 80,000 tons of food waste annually.

So, how do hotels improve their waste management effort? Most waste operators are looking toward anaerobic digestion and recycling.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a process where bacteria breaks down organic matter (such as food waste) within a sealed reactor to create biogas. This biogas can then be used to generate heat, electricity, fuel, and even renewable natural gas.

Today, anaerobic digestion is widely considered by climate change experts to be the preferred option for food waste disposal, offering valuable outputs while keeping more waste out of landfills.


In addition to anaerobic digestion, a hotel food waste management plan can include recycling. At minimum, hotels should be recycling food packaging. Even some food scraps can be “recycled” for other purposes. Consider, for example, Waste Management’s CORe® organic recycling program, which can recycle some food waste into an organic slurry that generates green energy. Additionally, some food scraps from hotel kitchens can be composted and recycled into mulch.

How JWC Environmental Can Help You Increase Your Waste Management Efforts

If you want to optimize your hotel food waste management efforts, JWC Environmental is ready to help. We offer a wide selection of customizable industrial shredders, grinders, and other solutions to help you carry out anaerobic digestion, recycling, composting, and other waste management processes.

For hotel waste management, we recommend these products:

  • 3-SHRED-3, 3-SHRED-2
  • 4-SHRED-2
  • 7-SHRED-2
  • Zero Waste Monster
  • Heavy Object Trap
  • 3-HYDRO Grinder Table
  • 3-HYDRO
  • 4-HYDRO

3-SHRED-3, 3-SHRED-2


Our 3-SHRED and 3-SHRED-2 industrial shredders are designed to reduce challenging solids quickly. Both shredders feature two rows of sharp steel cutters that rotate slowly with high torque to break down large solids into small and manageable pieces, resulting in improved digester and composter system efficiency. 

These models are available with powerful 5- to 10-horsepower engines to suit your hotel operation’s unique needs and can handle a throughput range of 40 to 141 cubic feet per hour. Our engineers at JWC Environmental can even design various cutter configurations to optimize these shredders for your unique application. Optional custom stands and hoppers are also available to further improve efficiency.



If you have more waste output to manage at your hotels, the even more powerful 4-SHRED-2 may be a suitable option. This industrial shredder features the same dual-shafted, high-torque design as the 3-SHRED-3 and 3-SHRED-2, but with additional horsepower from the motor (ranging up to 40 horsepower) and a higher throughput range (197 to 393 cubic feet per hour). And like the 3-SHRED-3 and 3-SHRED-2 units, the 4-SHRED-2 also features customizable cutter configurations and optional custom hoppers and stands.



Our heavy-duty 7-SHRED-2 unit is specifically designed for tough jobs and high-output waste applications. This is our largest and most powerful industrial shredder for difficult size reduction jobs, offering the flexibility and customization needed for your precise operation.

The 7-SHRED-2 offers motors with output ranging between 30 and 100 horsepower, depending on your needs, and the throughput range maxes out at an impressive 1,504 cubic feet per hour (depending on the material being processed). This model also features customizable cutter configurations. Optional custom stands and hoppers are also available.

Zero Waste Monster

Zero Waste Monster

The Zero Waste Monster is great for many hotel waste management operations because it’s a complete depackaging system. With the Zero Waste Monster, you can quickly separate liquids and gels from their containers for easy recycling. This solution has the versatility and flexibility to be used as both a depackaging system and a food recycling machine, allowing your hotel operation to minimize food waste while maximizing recycling/composting efforts and even turning some food waste into valuable biogas.

The Zero Waste Monster is also fully compatible with all 3-SHRED and 4-SHRED-2 industrial shredders and features customizable configurations to meet your exact needs.

Heavy Object Trap

If you want to turn used restaurant or kitchen grease into renewable energy, then our Heavy Object Trap is a must-have. The Heavy Object Trap helps private FOG collection operators screen out damaging trash and debris, including silverware and rags, from used restaurant grease. From there, the filtered grease can be pumped into a sludge digester to boost biogas production and generate renewable energy.

This unit is available with a basket capacity ranging from 1.1 to 2.2 cubic feet and can be customized to include a flow meter, plug valve, card lock, and more.

3-HYDRO Grinder Table

A person is scooping old red potatoes into the center of the Grinder Table. The center of the Grinder Table contains water and flushes food waste into the shredder contained within the system.

The 3-HYDRO Grinder Table is a unique product that can efficiently shred and dispose of challenging solids, like bones and meat, to prevent clogging and damage to downstream equipment. It consists of two primary components: our powerful 3-HYDRO shredder with dual-shaft grinding technology and a durable stainless steel table.

Despite its incredible power, it’s completely safe to use, as it’s designed to prevent direct access to the grinder. It’s also shipped pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation and comes with a convenient spray wand to keep the table clean. The 3-HYDRO Grinder Table also features an automated control panel with start, stop, and timer functionality.

3-HYDRO In-line

3-HYDRO In-line grinder Industrial

Our powerful 3-HYDRO industrial grinder can help reduce the size of food waste solids, preparing them for anaerobic digestion or composting/recycling. 

It also features dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque cutters that can shred tough solids like plastic and plant waste. The cutters are fully customizable based on your application. The 3-HYDRO also features JWC Environmental’s patented Wipes Ready® Technology that easily and effectively shreds fibrous and stringy solids. 

Additionally, its 5-horsepower motor can handle high flow rates (450 to 2,450 GPM) quickly and efficiently while protecting pumps and other equipment from clogs and costly repairs.

4-HYDRO In-line

4-HYDRO In-line Industrial grinder

If you need a more powerful industrial grinder, look no further than our 4-HYDRO In-line dual-shafted grinder, designed to handle even the highest-flow applications and challenging solids. 

Like the 3-HYDRO, this industrial grinder features a compact footprint that makes installation quick and easy in most existing pipeline systems, and fully customizable cutter configurations. It also has a smart controller and load-sensing control system that optimizes performance while protecting against jams/clogs and JWC Environmental’s Wipes Ready® Technology. 

Additionally, the 4-HYDRO features a powerful 10-horsepower motor and a flow rate of up to 6,860 GPM (1,558 m3/hr) to tackle even the biggest of jobs, preparing food waste from your hotel for composting, recycling, anaerobic digestion, and other waste management efforts.

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