Vertical Auger Monster: All-in-One Pump Station Protection

Vertical Auger Monster
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Wastewater facilities must have up-to-date equipment to filter out contaminants, break down bulky solids, and reduce clogs. If your existing equipment cannot effectively grind common solids, like disposable wipes and toilet paper, it’s time to upgrade.

JWC Environmental offers a wide range of wastewater solutions for municipal operations, including the Vertical Auger Monster, which combines three of our most cost-effective technologies: the Muffin Monster® grinder, auger compactor, and fine screen.

How It Works

Our all-in-one pump station screen first removes solids from the wastewater flow. Then, it carries waste vertically out of the lift station, launders the screenings to remove fecal matter, and dewaters screenings before depositing dry material into a bin.

Grinding & Screening

Grinders and screens are essential to cost control because they remove solids, rags, plastics, and metals that prevent clogs downstream and equipment failure.

Our all-in-one solution features a powerful grinder paired with a screw screen to improve efficiency. In fact, our screw screen has been proven to be highly efficient and cleaner than standard screens, and it’s easy to install or retrofit into existing channels.

After the grinder shreds rags, clothing, and other tough solids, those solids are captured by the screw screen and removed by a rotating auger. Our Vertical Auger Monster also produces cleaner screenings than any competing screening system because the grinder preconditions solids, allowing soft organics to be washed back into the waste stream instead of being trapped in the screenings.

Dewatering & Compacting

Our Vertical Auger Monster reduces odors by dewatering the screenings and compacting discharge. Dewatering and compacting also help to minimize the mass and volume of solids collected for off-site disposal, reducing hauling costs. The spiral screen in the Auger Monster captures the solids, which are then transferred to a discharge point via a rotating auger. The integrated compactor in the Vertical Auger Monster then dewaters and compacts the solids.

Peace of Mind

Our all-in-one pump station screen is great for many operations, especially those that want to scale up treatment plants for future needs. The ACV and AGV Vertical Auger Monsters can handle peak flows of up to 5 MGD (792 cubic meters per hour), and our ALV unit is designed for cost-effective operation at flows of up to 11.1MGD (1,754 cubic meters per hour).

The Vertical Auger Monster is also designed for easy installation and integration. It features automated controls to keep operations flowing as efficiently as possible.

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