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Disposable Wipes = Clogged Sewer Pumps!

Don’t let your sewage pumps become victims!

Wipes Ready® Sewage Grinder

Clogged sewer pumps have been a problem known to wastewater treatment operators for many years. In the past few decades, the frequency and severity of clogged sewer pumps have increased at an exponential rate. The problem’s growth has paralleled the rapid growth of disposable wipes or flushable wipes used for personal hygiene, household cleaning and infant care. Sewage systems cannot handle the resilient material of flushable wipes. With the disposable wipes market forecasted to continually grow in the next decade, the issue of clogged sewer pumps due to wipes will not disappear anytime soon. The expense of pump ragging due to damage, labor to unclog sewer pumps, energy costs to run clogged sewer pumps, and the safety risks associated with clogged sewer pumps dictates a need to address pump ragging due to wipes.

Recognizing the severity of the issue, JWC embarked on a testing and development program to understand how different grinding technologies dealt with wipes. Additionally, JWC wanted to understand how shredded wipes reacted in sewer systems. JWC learned many grinders cut wipes in one direction. The result is long strips. Additionally, the study showed that over time, these strips of wipes would reweave when mixed with hair and FOG in the sewer. This mixture would lead to a ragball which typical sewage pumps cannot handle. But if the grinder cut the wipes into small pieces, reweaving would not occur, avoiding the formation of ragballs which could lead to clogged pumps.

With a thorough understanding of the issues, JWC Environmental set out to develop the ultimate sewage grinder to attack the wipes problem. The result was Wipes Ready technologies for Muffin Monster grinders. These breakthroughs now make sure that every wipe is captured and directed into the cutter teeth so it can be shredded into small pieces that will pass harmlessly through the wastewater networks.

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What is Wipes Ready®?

What’s the deal with the Wipes Ready cutters?

What are Delta P side rails?

How do perforated drums prevent clogged pumps?

What is Optimized Cut Control?

What products have Wipes Ready technologies?

Municipal wastewater models with Wipes Ready Technology

Monster Industrial models with Wipes Ready Technology

What is Wipes Ready®?

Wipes Ready is a suite of technologies designed to capture all wipes in the waste stream and shred them into small pieces that will not reweave into ragballs in sewage systems. And these technologies perform without sacrificing grinder performance. Conventional two-shafted grinders make long strips out of wipes that reweave into ropes which can cause problems for sewage pumps. Wipes Ready technology generates small pieces that stay in suspension so they can be easily handled by sewage pumps.  The Wipes Ready technologies are:

    • Wipes Ready Cutters
    • Delta P Side Rails
    • Perforated Drums
    • Optimized Cut Control

What’s the deal with the Wipes Ready cutters?

The patent pending Wipes Ready cutters features:

  • Serrated edges
  • Knurled spacers

The combination of the serrated cutters and knurled spacers cut wipes in two directions. The result is smaller particles that cannot reweave downstream. As a result, ragballs cannot form, keeping pumps clean to operate efficiently.

What are Delta P Side Rails?

Delta P Side Rails

Making sure that every wipe is captured and cut by the grinder is a critical design element of the Wipes Ready technologies.  The patent-pending Delta P Side Rails direct solids into the cutters without sacrificing flow rate. By guiding solids into the cutters, it ensures the Wipes Ready cutters effectively shred wipes. The hydraulic flow characteristics through the Delta P Side Rails prevent debris build-up in the grinder. Worth noting, the flow rates with Delta P Side Rails are higher than traditional grinders without sacrificing shredding performance. Combining Delta P Side Rails with Wipes Ready cutters ensures all wipes are captured and cut by the grinder.

How do Perforated Drums prevent clogged sewer pumps?

Perforated Drums

The next component of Wipes Ready technology is a 1/2-inch perforated drum on a JWC Channel Monster®.  The advantages of the 1/2-inch perforated drum are:

    • 59% better capture of solids compared to coil drums
    • High flow properties
    • Minimal head loss
    • No internal buildup of solids inside the drum
    • Resists buildup of grease and other material

Like Delta P Side Rails, the 1/2-inch perforated drum ensures all wipes are captured and shredded by the cutters. Additionally, the 1/2-inch perforated drum prevents the buildup of solids inside of the drum that typically happens with coil style drums. Consequently, the Channel Monster with Wipes Ready technology maintains its high flow characteristics with minimal material bypass.

What is Optimized Cut Control?

Patent pending Optimized Cut Control (OCC) is the last component of Wipes Ready.  The OCC gear ratio optimizes the shaft speeds. OCC offers:

    • Enhanced cleaning of the cutters during operation
    • Superior cutting of wipes into smaller strips

And even though OCC has a different gear ratio from legacy JWC grinders, motors and reducers from these legacy units are compatible with OCC. OCC improves the performance of the grinder by optimizing the cutting action and cleaning of the cutters resulting in a decreased load on the motor and increased cutter life. As a result, OCC improves the performance and life of the grinder.

What products have Wipes Ready technologies?

JWC offers Wipes Ready technologies across a wide range of its grinder products. The tables below show the products with Wipes Ready technology as well as the specific technologies incorporated into the products.

Municipal Wastewater Models with Wipes Ready Technology

Municipal Wastewater Models with Wipes Ready Technology

Monster Industrial Models with Wipes Ready Technology

Monster Industrial Models with Wipes Ready Technology

Don’t let your pumps become victims of this growing wipes epidemic! Clogged pumps can be avoidable. Your sewage pumps will thank you! Our Award Winning Wipes Ready Technology can help eliminate the wipes headache once and for all!

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