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How to Maintain Your Auger Monster®

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The Auger Monster is an all-in-one screw screen equipment system that combines three technologies — a grinder, a fine screen, and a compactor. This unit is designed to efficiently collect, clean, and convey solids from the waste stream channel.

As with most Muffin Monster® equipment, the Auger Monster is engineered to last. However, routine maintenance is still needed to ensure it runs without significant issues.

Keep reading to learn our three recommended maintenance tasks.

1. Set an Inspection Schedule

Inspecting screw screen equipment, like the Auger Monster, should be done annually. Typical ‘wear parts’ include cutters and auger brushes. These items can be expected to last between 18 to 24 months, so make sure to inspect them every year for general wear.

Additionally, many factors affect the Auger Monster’s lifespan, such as grit, wastewater type, and the presence or absence of the grinder, so more inspections may be required.

2. Test, Test, Test

You should periodically run functional testing because it can help identify which components require more attention. The Auger Monster has a grinder, finescreen, compactor, and control panel. Although, in some cases, you may not have a grinder. Each technology is crucial to the success of the all-in-one screw screen system. We recommend reviewing each component’s mechanical and electrical efficiency during these tests.

3. Check Your Run Time Cycles

Run time cycles can vary from site to site and season to season. Getting to know those variables and adjusting equipment to those conditions will provide the best discharge. A forward bias consisting of short forward cycle durations with even shorter-to-no reverse cycle durations allows increased spray wash contact time and minimizes brush wear. 20 seconds is a typical forward cycle duration. The cycle duration is programmable and can easily be adjusted to best suit site conditions.

Get More Support From Our Team

Site-specific conditions may affect the wear of your Auger Monster differently. If you’re experiencing issues with your equipment, contact our service team for an assessment. Our team is trained to help guide you through what to look for in your specific model and can provide replacement parts and repairs when needed. 

For more information about our Auger Monster, please read our FAQ

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