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Do You Need to Upgrade Your Sewage Grinder?

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Sewage grinders, like the Muffin Monster®, can reliably tackle some of the most challenging solids, like wood, rocks, rags, and plastic, but even the toughest machine can experience issues or need an upgrade after a few years.

Common Issues With Grinders

Muffin Monster Factory Repairs

As mentioned, grinders are incredibly reliable. However, over time:

  • Cutters can wear down from continuous use.
  • The motor and drive system can experience failures from overload, improper maintenance, or general wear and tear.
  • Blockages or jams can happen if the feed rate exceeds the grinder’s capacity. However, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue with our Muffin Monsters, as they have load-sensing control systems designed to prevent jams.
  • The grinder’s bearings and shafts can wear out due to constant motion and load, leading to increased friction and potential failure.
  • Cutters, shafts, and drums could become misaligned from vibrations and/or heavy use.

Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Grinder

If you’re experiencing the following, it’s time for an upgrade:

  1. Your existing grinder is over capacity.
  2. You’re returning your grinder to the factory for a complete rebuild.
  3. You’re reusing old parts for your grinder.
  4. You’re constantly pausing your operations for a long time to repair or rebuild your grinder.

How JWC Environmental Can Help


Non-JWC Grinders

Our product specialists can assess your current setup to help you determine which of our grinders is right for your application. We have several grinder options for municipal and industrial environments, including open-channel and In-line models.

Our most popular models can be shipped in two weeks or less—ask about our Monster Quick Ship Program.

JWC Grinders

Channel Monster Repairs

If you have already purchased a JWC Muffin Monster, we offer a Monster Renew Program that can help you significantly reduce downtime.

The Monster Renew Program covers the following grinder models:

  • 10K, 30K, and 40K Muffin Monster In-line & Open-channel Models
  • Channel Monster®
  • Channel Monster FLEX
  • 1-HYDRO, 3-HYDRO, & 4-HYDRO In-line & Open-channel Models

The program is simple: You contact us, and we’ll send you a new factory-built cutter cartridge to replace your old one, along with instructions on how to install it. You don’t have to worry about returning an old unit for repair—all you have to do is dispose of the old cutter cartridge, and you’re done.

Through our program, you can replace the same cutter stack in your grinder or upgrade to an entirely new one. JWC Environmental offers several available cutter options, including: Wipes Ready®, which can shred fibrous materials; Monster Stack®, which mixes and matches different cutters within the cutter stack; and all stainless steel for highly corrosive environments. Please note that Monster Stack cutter configurations are only available on the 30K Muffin Monster, 40K Muffin Monster, Channel Monster, and Channel Monster FLEX models.

All new cutter cartridges are backed by a limited 12-month warranty.

Upgrade Your Grinder Today

Let JWC Environmental help you improve process efficiency. Contact us today to get help selecting a grinder or to learn more about our Monster Renew Program.

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